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Wonderlayer™ Diamond Powder Base Coat

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10ml / 0.33 fl. oz

5.02Wonderlayer™ Diamond Powder Base Coat

The very best base coat we tested.
This surface-smoothing, colour-evening wonder coat is infused with vitamin B5, omega 3 oil, and diamond powder, so every manicure starts with a royal treatment. Free from 7 toxicities found in regular nail polishes (7-free).

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Manicure last longer
Superb product, my manicure lasts longer and even worn alone adds a healthy glow to my nails and stops them chipping!
  • 45-54
Best Base Coat I have tried
I absolutely LOVE this base coat. This is actually my second order as my first one lasted me ages. This really makes your nail polish dry quick and also stops any staining on your nails. It dries really quickly and is such a great base coat for any nail polish you use on top. It seems to make my nail polish really last. I also use the top coat and using the 2 together makes my nail polish last around a week which for me is unheard of. I have even used polishes I had that use to chip really badly after the first day so stopped wearing them as I use to get so frustrated when I would do my nails the night before and by the evening the next day they were badly chipped. When I started using this those polishes lasted anything from 5-7 days which made me soooo happy as there is nothing worse than spending time doing your nails only to find by the next day you needed to redo your nails because they did not look neat or presentable because of the chips. I am so happy with this product and it doesn't dry out and lasts ages. I never want this to stop being made x
  • 45-54