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*What is the TYPICAL PRICE?

iWhat a product like this would cost incl. the typical industry margins & markups

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You can shop up to your SPENDING LIMIT
but you pay only MEMBERS' PRICES.

Superdose™ Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer Superdose™ Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer


(and save £39.76)*

*Membership and flat-rate £3.36 shipping not included.

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Here's what other members chose for their first order:

SUSAN B chose a £10/month membership, and bought:

£10/ month membership example first order £10/ month membership example first order


But she paid the MEMBERS PRICE of £20.77
and saved £74.23*

*Membership and flat-rate shipping not included.

Jo chose a £20/month membership,
and bought:

£20/ month membership example first order £20/ month membership example first order


But she paid the MEMBERS PRICE of £35.97
and saved £155.03*

*Membership and flat-rate shipping not included.

Choose a membership

*Remember, you're paying what we're paying and therefore the Members' prices may fluctuate slightly (due to circumstances such as quantities ordered, transportation, number of orders...). If you're really curious, you can see the transparent cost breakdown of every product on its item page.


Does BEAUTY PIE manufacture its own luxury skincare and makeup?

No we don’t. (Nor do many of the luxury brands you see in the big department stores and magazines.) We source our products from around 20 of the world’s leading labs, who manufacture their very best formulations (from makeup to moisturizers) for BEAUTY PIE members.

How much will BEAUTY PIE cost each month?

Monthly memberships are £10/month, plus any products you buy (at the member’s price). You can see your shipping costs in your shopping cart before you place your order.

What is the Typical Price?

Beauty Pie products are produced to our unique specifications (the combination of packaging and product). Our TYPICAL PRICES are what you would typically pay at a retailer (online or offline) for a luxury product of similar quality, efficacy and size/weight.

Our TYPICAL PRICE is also the price we usually charge to customers shopping at BEAUTY PIE without a membership.

Click here if you’d like more information about how we set our TYPICAL PRICES.

If I change my mind, can I cancel my membership?

Our monthly memberships have a 3-month minimum.
You do have a statutory legal right to cancel any membership of any kind within 14 days of your first purchase, with no further charges, as long as you don’t have an order pending or have already purchased products, but keep in mind, cancelling forfeits any unused spending limit.
If you want to cancel your account, just email us at or give us a call on 0808 164 8264.

How much are your delivery costs?

We offer two options for delivery; Standard and Next Day. The full breakdown of these charges may be found on our Delivery page:

Are BEAUTY PIE products vegan?

Whilst each and every one of our products complies with our belief of not testing on animals (we do not do animal testing, our suppliers do not do animal testing, nor do we pay people to do animal testing for us), there are a few products in our range that would not qualify as vegan due to them containing animal derivatives. Please contact our customer service team for the full list of products that contain animal derivatives at

Do I get to choose my products?

Yes you can shop from BEAUTY PIE and choose any products that you want, up to your spending limit. (We source products from many different leading labs, in France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Korea and the USA). Take your pick!

Can I buy BEAUTY PIE products without a membership?

Be our guest, but you might want to put a few shopping bags together and look at the bottom line beforehand. BEAUTY PIE members have a virtual backstage pass into some of the best skincare and makeup labs in the world, and our member prices are up to 85% off*, all the time.
*calculated based on typical retail

Are samples available?

Sorry, we don't offer samples, but you can match your foundation using our new foundation Shade Matcher - on each foundation product page - or ask for help via