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Gift Membership

  • £303 month membership

    £100 monthly spending limit

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    £100 monthly spending limit


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a gift membership work?

An email will be sent to the recipient with a membership activation code.
From the activation of that code – for the duration of the gift - he or she will be able to shop for luxury beauty products from the labs that supply the world’s leading beauty brands, but at the actual factory cost (often10X lower than regular industry prices)

Who pays for all the products?

The member pays for his/her products and (totally transparent) shipping. A BEAUTY PIE membership is like an access pass into the back doors of the world’s leading beauty manufacturers. Members get the best unbranded luxury beauty from France, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, the USA, but at the actual ex-factory cost. (Up to10X less than regular industry prices.)

What happens when the membership expires?

When the membership expires, the member has an option to continue the membership using his or her own method of payment.