This is People

Our People team is responsible for everything 'employee'– from organisational design, recruitment, finding and hooking the best talent (is that you?), to training, growth and development, troubleshooting, well-being and 'rewards'. We want everybody here to be happy, competitive, inspired, learning and growing. You do your part, we'll do ours…

This is Charlotte.

Charlotte, an integral part of our People Team, who supports our People Director, works day to day across HR - so finding people, interviewing people, paying people, growing people and supporting people. Her mission - (yes, Charlotte has a mission) - is to help new team members optimize their skills/roles/time/opportunities/lives from the day they jump on board the PIE train. She's also trained in Mental Health First Aid (because who doesn't need a bit of that from time to time), IT support (same), and dishwasher tech (need we say more?).

If you want to be a part of this inspiring team, please send us your CV and Cover Letter here