This is Member Happiness

Our Member Happiness teams support, inform and educate our members (and almost members) by email, phone and live chat at all hours! To thrive in this department – as is true with any job that's front and centre with lots of people – you need unnaturally elevated levels of good nature, resilience, zen and optimism. 😉

This is Jo.

Jo is a master of her own equilibrium, which - seemingly by osmosis - or just by the sheer contagion that is her 'can-do' energy, she pulls her team of member-service specialists up every day, to deliver an almost unnatural level of positivity. (Hey, everybody's human. And members can sometimes get a little anxious about their orders.) She's a firefighter, a love-spinner, an insanely efficient, well-organized rock. And she's got this kind of devil-may-care cool about her.

If you want to be a part of this inspiring team, please send us your CV and Cover Letter here