Did you know...

Most luxury beauty products leave
the factory costing 1/10th of the price
you pay for them at retail.
Yes, seriously.

As a BEAUTY PIE member, you can shop for luxury beauty products, at ‘no-middleman prices’, direct from the world’s leading skincare and makeup labs.

Every single day.

All from the same amazing labs that supply the world’s leading beauty companies.

You shop for what you want. The prices
- and products - are equally amazing.
It's democratic. It's direct. And it's deluxe.

To activate your gift membership:


Find the
It's on the back of your card. Keep it handy! You'll need to enter it in the promo box at the bottom of your shopping basket.


When you click
We'll add your gift membership to your bag. Activate it by entering your GIFT CODE in the promo box and you can start shopping.


There are
some limits...
but you get no middleman, no retailer markup prices, so a little should go a long way.
Enjoy your PIE!

Frequently asked questions
Does Beauty Pie manufacture its own luxury skincare and makeup?

No we don’t. (Nor do many of the luxury brands you see in the big department stores and magazines.) We source our products from around 20 of the world’s leading labs, who manufacture their very best formulations (from makeup to moisturizers) for Beauty Pie members.

How much are your shipping & handling costs?

Our logistics providers charge us a fee for picking & packing your order. We’ve included that with shipping costs as ‘shipping & handling’ charges. You can see these charges in your shopping bag before you order.

Why do members pay for shipping & handling?
Our members pay exactly what our products cost to make. (In contrast to the typical luxury cosmetic industry markup, which can be up to 10X that cost.) Because we have no markup built in to our members pricing, it’s not possible for us to absorb the costs of shipping and handling.

Do I get to choose my products?

Yes you can shop from BEAUTY PIE and choose any products that you want, up to your spending limit. (We source products from many different leading labs, in France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Korea and the USA). Take your pick!

Are samples available?

Sorry, we don't offer samples, but you can match your foundation using our new foundation Shade Matcher - on each foundation product page - or ask for help via customer.service@beautypie.com.

*Your membership spending limit is £100 OF REGULAR PRICE per month (plus shipping, which we pass along without adding a penny) Go ahead, shop!