This is Studio

Our Creative Services team shoots our imagery, creates our emails, designs our web banners, builds our social post visuals, makes up mini videos and GIFS, while continuously beautifying our packaging and dreaming up new send-out boxes.

This is Aly.

This is Aly, our 'in-house' Julia Roberts (the hair, the teeth, the colt-like natural gorgeousness). Now looking at her, you might not suspect that she operates our Creative Department like a good-humoured four star general: coordinating incoming, outgoing, triage, urgents and ops. From paper sourcing, production prep, quotes, freelancers, holiday requests, kerning, leading, tracking, resizing and retouching, she does it all! And even though she bosses us around quite a bit, everybody loves her anyway.

If you want to be a part of this inspiring team, please send us your CV and Cover Letter here