This is Finance

Our Finance team acts as a sounding board within our always excited PIE ecosystem! They're responsible for: giving green-lights to in-house projects and spend, ensuring all areas are operating within budgets, and challenging investment versus return on all our ideas and initiatives. Because after all, everybody – including the PIE – has rent to pay.

This is Pete.

And Pete is leaving. Moving. (Pre-planned. Even though we've tried to dissuade him, he's pulling a 'Megxit' on us and debunking to Canada). He's the absolute best Chief Financial Officer we've ever had. He was frugal, but fun. Visionary, but realistic. (And we're looking for his replacement.) If you have big feet (his are big shoes to fill); a great sense of humour; the ability to think multidimensionally and follow dynamic pricing; love nothing more than a system audit; are dynamite with a laser beam and love a good lipstick (or not), send us your CV/RESUME.

If you want to be a part of this inspiring team, please send us your CV and Cover Letter here