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Uber Curl Drama Mascara

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Uber Curl Drama Mascara
3.722Uber Curl Drama Mascara

It's magnificent, this mascara.
In just a few strokes, it lengthens and lifts delivering SUPERB CURVE. Featuring a game-changing Double-S magic bristle brush, a hydra-mineral complex, silky silicones and flexible waxes, for a virtually weightless fan of fabulous lashes.

Shade Ultra-Black
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Ratings & Reviews for Uber Curl Drama Mascara
Fab mascara
This mascara is brilliant, the only reason it's not 5 stars is that it is quite clumpy. However the colour is a real jet black which is awesome to see, it lasts well during the day and thickens the lashes really well. It does clump ever so slightly but it's a gorgeous mascara for the members price.
S ,
  • 25-30
My new favourite
I really like this mascara. I always use an eyelash curler before mascara because I have straight lashes with absolutely no natural curl. This mascara sets the curl, which lasts all day. It definitely gives a big-lash look, not a natural barely-there look. Basically, it does exactly what it claims.
Charlotte ,
  • 45-50
Very disappointing
This mascara packaging is not well designed - when you take the brush out of the tube it's just covered in lumps of gloopy mascara. You have to clean the brush before you can use it. You end up wiping so much product off the brush that the tube will empty really quickly! This brush is just not compatible with the packaging it comes in. I like BP products so I'll try a different mascara and hopefully have better luck
Amanda ,
  • 40-45
Hi Amanda, Sorry to hear you’ve had an issue with our Uber Curl Drama Mascara. Have you tried pumping the brush into the bottle a few times? We’ve found that this settles the consistency of the formula for a more smooth application. Alternatively, our Flash False Lash Mascara has a much smaller brush and may be more suited to you.
Beauty Pie Team
Anti curl!
I love BP products in general but I haven't had any luck with the mascaras yet. This one seemed to actually make my long eyelashes look straighter. Even using eyelash curlers it has less of a curl effect than almost any other mascara I've ever used.
Jillian ,
  • 30-35
Hi Jillian, thank you so much for your feedback, it is so important to us. Sorry to hear that you found our Uber Curl Drama Mascara didn’t have the desired effect. Have you tried our Uber Volume-Boost formula? It may work better for your particular lashes and give them a fantastic boost.
Beauty Pie Team
I agree with so many of the reviews that say this mascara is really clumpy. I have to carefully scrape excess mascara off the brush onto the top of the tube every time I use it or I end up with my eyelashes stuck together and having to clean it off and start again. (Until I read other reviews I thought it was just me!)
This is a shame as otherwise this is a good mascara (and I like mascaras and have tried a lot!).
Plus points:
It stays put!
No chemical smell
No irritation
Comes of easily when I want it to (what's the point of eye cream when you have to run your eyes again and again to get your mascara off!)

Beauty Pie please sort the brush out!

Susannah ,
  • 40-45
Hi Susannah - firstly, we're sorry to hear that you didn�t get on with our UBER CURL MASCARA. Mascaras are tricky as what works for one doesn�t always work for another! If you found this brush clumpy then our UBER VOLUME BOOST and FLASH FALSE LASH may be better for you in terms of separating lashes. Our Product Team are also working in the lab on a LASH PRIMER for launch next year which will act as a great base for mascara and help prevent any clumping.
Beauty Pie Team
Ratings & Reviews for Uber Curl Drama Mascara