Moonlighting Balm

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Tried & Tested

Moonlighting Balm Radiance Powder (available in three colours)

Moonlighting Balm

In a nutshell:

The ultimate all-over soft-focusing dusting powder. Gives great glow. (Like the nine-hours-of-sleep kind, but without the anti-social early night, or that look you get under candlelight.)


In a ‘blue-sky’ pile, the kind our suppliers love to throw in front of us for effect, but then dash all hope by revealing that ‘commercialization’ of something so ridiculously special (this powder is really very, very pretty) will likely take 24-36 months. We grabbed it, begged for it, and forced it down the almost non-existent Italian manufacturing fast track for you.

Tried and tested:

By Pippa, Saskia, Nat, N-Tice, Florence, Katie, Lauren and Marcia. On several mornings, we found ourselves all wearing it. (An obvious green light is when all women in the office start battling for tester products.) The Moonlighting Balm, it ticked that tell tale box. (Of course when Michael, from our PR Team, showed up totally glowing, that totally tipped it!)

You’ll like it if:

You’re into a natural ‘non-toured’ look and like your luminosity on the subtle side. (Or if you don’t know or even care what non-touring is, but you want skin that inspires a bit of envy.) It’s seamless healthy-looking, great glow sans glimmer.

How to use:

Dusted on with our Super Soft Face Powder Brush on top of makeup for all-over glow, or pressed on with fingertips down the centre of the nose, tops of cheekbones and cupid’s bow to just make the view a little dewier!

Try it with:

Our Oil Free Micro Mineral Serum Foundation and a flush of our Smart Powder Blush.

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