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The Ten Best Neutral Eyeshadow Shades

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The Ten Best Neutral Eyeshadow Shades
3.717The Ten Best Neutral Eyeshadow Shades

If stranded on a desert island and you could have only one eyeshadow palette… this would be the one. Trust us.
It’s got ten shades of deluxe, creamy, fine-milled micro-mineral shadows (some mattes and some chic shimmery), is long-wearing, with fabulous no-fade payoff.

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Ratings & Reviews for The Ten Best Neutral Eyeshadow Shades
Very similar to smokey eye
These shadows are lovely, and the quality is excellent, but I already have the smokey eye palette and there is not enough of a difference to make it worthwhile.
Melanie ,
  • 45-50
Julie northumberland
These shadows ,subtle and shady.
You don’t end up like a painted lady
Julie ,
  • 50+
Finally an all occasions palette!
I'm not one for planning my day so it's always a nightmare when I've been at work all day and suddenly have to head on out into the night without looking like I've been working since 7am! This palette is my lifesaver! And can create any look you need! The colours are so pigmented and blendable! And with the mixture of matte and shimmery... your eyes would have never looked better! The highlight and sculpt shades are also amazing at transforming your complexion too!
Georgie ,
  • 25-30
These eyeshadows are incredibly poor quality - no pigment, and the darker shades are impossible to use, as they just shed all over your eye/cheeks. the only way I can control these shades is to add water which limits use to lining - forget blending. Not recommended.
Marina ,
  • 40-45
Agree with the other reviewers
I have bought quite a lot of products from Beauty Pie but this is disappointing. The colours don't last long at all, by lunchtime it looks like you don't have eyeshadow on at all. I'd prefer to have a palette of three or four high quality colours that lasted rather than loads of colours that don't last
Elspeth ,
  • 35-40
Ratings & Reviews for The Ten Best Neutral Eyeshadow Shades