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Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara

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13 ml / 0.44 f l. oz.

Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara
3.718Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara

Transform your underleveraged lashes into the stuff of movie stars.
Ultimate volume, unparalleled panorama, diehard drama, a single coat gives the thickest, fattest lashes of your life – nothing less. And - unless you make like Ginger Rogers and are dancing in the rain - it won’t flake, clump or smudge.

Shade Pitch Black
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Ratings & Reviews for Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara
Good volume but brush a little big and thick for me I think
This mascara is good, it gets volume but I think for me this brush is a little too thick for me, or it maybe that I am not used to such a thick brush and its a little tricky to handle but it does the job well.
Melanie ,
  • 45-50
Great Brush
I had tried other beauty pie mascara's and really didnt like them, formula/brush just didnt work for me so I stayed with my premium brand mascara's. Recently I decided to give it another try, this one is fantastic, the brush is great, the formula doesnt dry or flake and it defines brilliantly!
Jayne ,
  • 30-35
Superstar lashes
One of the best volumous mascaras without the clump also lenghtens. Also didnt smudge when i went to zumba in it.
Nicola ,
  • 45-50
Massive and unwieldy brush, managed to use on my lower lashes but I was left with more mascara on my skin rather than my lashes. Mascara shouldn’t be this difficult to use. Will use the brush to sweep chimneys instead.
Liz ,
  • 50+
Hi Liz, thanks so much for reviewing this product. We're sorry to hear you didn't enjoy using the mascara's big brush, it is the biggest brush of any of our mascaras to increase volume and for quick application. I would recommend you try Uber Volume-Boost Mascara because it has a much smaller brush for precise application but it still offers the same voluminising effect. Please let us know how you get on!
Beauty Pie Team
Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara
This goes on really well and I love how my lashes look. I only use it on my upper lashes, I don't put mascara on my lower lashes. But by mid afternoon I do find it has run onto the skin under my eye and I have to clean it up. I don't know why this happens, but it is annoying.
Jadea ,
  • 45-50
Ratings & Reviews for Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara