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Depuffing Under-eye Gels

The best tired-eye-reviving quick-fix in the beauty business.

From South Korea, these active-serum soaked eye-reviving hydrogel patches are powered by Eyeliss™ (the most effective depuffing Lipopeptide Complex), Niacinamide and Arctic Algae for barrier strengthening and repair, an 8-Hyaluronic Acid blend for hydrating, and luminosity-improving dark-circle fighting Peptides.

You can buy these without using any Spending Limit.

40 Patches / 20 Pairs

Korea flag

Made in South Korea

Suitable for all skin types.

Typical Price


What are Insider Products?

They’re ‘blue sky’ products created in collaboration with some of our top labs! Think super-advanced, or slightly niche, a bit boundary-pushing, or maybe so stuffed full of actives, they’re kind of exceptional. Each INSIDER item will launch in a small-batch, limited-run production, available to our members ONLY.

How you can become an INSIDER...

Once you’ve purchased an INSIDER product and trialled it out (for about 2 weeks), we’d love to hear your feedback and know whether or not you think it should become part of our core line-up (rather than stay limited edition)!

How to share your thoughts...

Simply scan the QR barcode (on the packaging OR product) and it will lead you to an online feedback area.

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.