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Passionate about PIE - Love, Susan

Love, love, love it

My dearest, darling Beauty Pie,

I write to tell you how much I love having you in my life. From the very first moment I heard about you from Wayne Goss on YouTube, my heart skipped a beat. My excitement was profound — and I joined the day after Wayne posted his introductory video about you. Yes, I was a bit skeptical as you seemed too good to be true — to pay factory cost for amazing luxe quality... and then my first order of many arrived (when I only planned to join for the minimum required three month trial).

I ordered One Powder Wonder™️ and Pro-Glow™️ Highlighter. WOW. The most beautiful finely milled pressed powders I’ve ever seen. I’ve used pressed powders over 40 years and always hoped I’d find “the one” to beat them all. I did. One Powder Wonder™️ is my absolute all-time Holy Grail product. It performs flawlessly and does all it claims to do. It blurs imperfections. Hides pores. Provides subtle luminosity for a healthy glow. It goes on completely invisible on my medium skin tone. I can wear it alone or to set foundation. I can’t tell you how many pricey luxury brand pressed powders I’ve used over the decades, although, I can tell you none could remotely compare to the exquisite elegance of One Powder Wonder™️.

The other powder, Pro-Glow™️ Highlighter, is gorgeous. I’d never seen a powder like it before and had to have it. It’s this simple as it’s a marvel to see. A tiny bit goes such a long way and the glow it adds is stunning.

To have used pressed powders for as long as I have and then receive two amazing luxurious powders in my first order is beyond telling. You know really great quality. You understand sourcing killer formulations. You don’t use trickery or distractions with weighted product housing or decorative cladded packaging. You place priority exactly where it should be — on the product itself!

And so it’s been with each order and every product I’ve tried thus far. From lip pencils to the Super Healthy Skin™️ skincare collection. I’ve been a loyal member nearly two years and stockpiled makeup, skincare, candles and beauty accessories so I never run out and always have gifts on hand.

'I love all you do for me! Searching, testing and curating. Ongoing polls and new product launches. Buying in volume to secure best killer factory pricing.'

Checking in with me and fellow members to learn what we want. You don’t harm animals and you’re environmentally savvy. Your member prices are a mere fraction of typical luxury quality. Beautiful secure packing for same or next business day shipping. Gorgeous presentation upon opening all my orders. All of this from start to finish is a glorious experience!

So, Beauty Pie ~ please know you are my one-stop beauty shop. Gone are my wayward shopping adventures that cost far too much. I have forsaken the luxe retail prices I once felt obligated to pay because it was the norm. I know better now and am here to stay.

I love you Beauty Pie.


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