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Passionate about PIE - Love, Craig

Some of our loyal, long-standing members share why they PIE and why they’ll never look back...

Love, love, love it

It was only ever going to be a matter of time before I signed up and became a #PIEGUY.

As a self professed product NUT all it took to make me dart for my phone and sign up was a beauty editor client of mine giving me her tube of Super Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Treatment.

The rest is history.

It wasn’t long before my £85 serum (something I’d been loyal too for years) had been replaced by one from the PIE that in my opinion is not only a superior texture but in next to no time had given a glow to my skin like never before.

I mean, who doesn’t want mega effective skincare from the world’s top labs at an 80% discount. Duh.

'I’m a fickle beauty-aholic but you only need to take a look at by bathroom cupboard or gym bag to see I’m now a die hard #PIEFAN man!'

There’s something super cool and exciting - other #PIEPEEPS will relate - when your monthly order day comes round and then the feeling of satisfaction when your products arrive and not only do they look gorge but they’re effective! It’s a win, win, win, situation and I’m into it.

I have to admit now my #PIELOVE is deeply rooted, I should have known from the very moment I heard skincare visionary Marcia Kilgore was the driving force behind it, that it would be an unstoppable MUST.


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