• Are you here because of O Magazine?
    Of COURSE you are!
  • What is BEAUTY PIE™?
    It’s like a buyers-club, started by beauty expert Marcia Kilgore
    (who was Oprah’s New York City facialist, and also the creator of Bliss Spa and FitFlop™ footwear.)
  • As a member of "the PIE"
    You can buy luxury beauty products at the factory costs...
  • Most luxury beauty products leave the factory,
    finished, costing about 1/10th of the price you pay for them at retail.
    (So when you pay $100 for an anti-aging cream, it probably really cost about $10 to make. It's crazy!)
  • You don't pay for the mumbo jumbo, middlemen or marketing. There is ZERO markup.
  • Why does O Magazine love BEAUTY PIE so much?
    BEAUTY PIE members can buy their luxury makeup and high performance skincare direct (and save a bundle), before all the branding, straight off the production lines of the same labs that supply the world’s leading beauty brands.
  • Now if that isn’t amazing enough...

...for Christmas, O Magazine have hand-picked their favorite BEAUTY PIE products,
assembled them in a collectable makeup bag, and brought 500 readers* BEAUTY PIE MEMBERSHIPS.

O Magazines favourite BEAUTY PIE products O Magazines favourite BEAUTY PIE products
total product retail value $450.00
O Magazine's readers can buy all for $69.94

How to claim your bag:
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*O Magazine member's price also includes a 3-month membership.
Only one bag available per new member.
O Magazine memberships are limited to the first 500 readers to use the O Magazine code to log in.
In case of overwhelming demand, O Magazine has curated a 'backup' bag!