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Shine Up™ Lip Colour Balm Stick

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Shine Up™ Lip Colour Balm Stick
4.811Shine Up™ Lip Colour Balm Stick

In a race for the ultimate ‘always in your pocket’ lip product.
Our SHINE UP™ LIP COLOUR BALM STICKS are top of the grid for gorgeous luscious lips in a minute. The one-stop do-it-all dream lip balm sticks, with moisturizing, high cushion, sheer, brilliant colour that simultaneously softens and soothes.

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  • Super Naked
  • Baby Bare
  • Pillowy Pink
  • Sugarola
  • Rush In
  • Superjuicy
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Ratings & Reviews for Shine Up™ Lip Colour Balm Stick
Balm stick
Smooth,glossy moisture infusing balm stick glides over lips to provide a slick of beautiful colour ease. A useful item to pop into a pocket and fabulous for travel.
Marion ,
  • 50+
Great texture, bold colour, though a bit slidey...
The texture of these is great, though I've noticed it migrating outside my lip line every now and then... the superjuicy is full on colour, even for someone used to bold lipsticks.
Ruth ,
  • 35-40
Love these Sticks
I can't rate these high;y enough.
I have 2 - Rush in - which is a lovely pink/coral colour and Baby Bare - with is super glossy with a little bit of colour.
Jo ,
  • 50+
Soft and smooth lips
A little colour, a little shine, plenty of moisture that makes my lips feel soft and smooth. Really nice product.
Catherine ,
  • 40-45
Lovely balm with a great natural-looking colour that sits smoothly
I bought Rush In for my 16-year-old daughter - she found it too red for her fair complexion (though I'd say it's more of a dark pink), but it's perfect for me as I have olive skin. Will get her one in Baby Bare as she likes nude colours, and will get a couple in the Pink shade for blonde friends. I love how easy it is - i don't need to prep my lips - it sits smoothly and looks polished.
Shazea ,
  • 50+
Ratings & Reviews for Shine Up™ Lip Colour Balm Stick