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Shine Up™ Lip Colour Balm Stick

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Shine Up™ Lip Colour Balm Stick
4.421Shine Up™ Lip Colour Balm Stick

In a race for the ultimate ‘always in your pocket’ lip product.
Our SHINE UP™ LIP COLOUR BALM STICKS are top of the grid for gorgeous luscious lips in a minute. The one-stop do-it-all dream lip balm sticks, with moisturizing, high cushion, sheer, brilliant colour that simultaneously softens and soothes.

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  • Super Naked
  • Baby Bare
  • Pillowy Pink
  • Sugarola
  • Rush In
  • Superjuicy

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just buy the lot!
These little beauties are fabulous for my dry as a cats bum lips ( sorry for that image!). Without something hydrating on I look like Hilda Ogden pursing her lips round a fag. I love make up and my main area of 'interest' is my eyes. I whack it on and then like a soft gloss type thing on my lips. I work full-time and in summer I often forego a full face of foundation so I tend to steer away from matte lipsticks as they look odd on me without a full face of slap. These colour balms are perfect for me.I like the glosses in winter but coming into the summer months these are my new best friends. I am in constant rotation between the colours ( and the lip oil, everyone with a pulse needs that) and each are soft enough to suit no makeup days. My advice is not to pick just one, get the lot :)
  • 45-54
Love it
Great balm, moisturising and leaves a nice colour. Will be getting more!
  • 35-44
I can't help but wonder whether I have got a dodgy batch because I found this product horrible, like cheap lipstick. The colour (baby bare) is nice enough but very glittery as opposed to shiny. It comes on very thickly and ends up being too strong so I have to dab it on with my finger fir a bare look. It then fails to set in place and will smudge outside the lip line. It highlights every lip crease making me look like am old woman. Worst of all I can feel it sitting on my lips until it inevitable wears off (very quickly might I add). I am very disappointed with this product and bit a shocked. Beauty pie usually do a good job. I will think twice before buying another lip product from beauty pie.
  • 18-24
Looks scary in the picture but the colour is beautiful. Lovely texture and gives a lovely finish. Like summer in a stick all year round. Makes me happy wearing it. Have used it over the liquid lipstick and works a treat to mix up the colour.
  • 65-74
I love the shade (superjuicy), finish and easy application. This balm leaves beautiful lips feeling soft and hydrated. And what makes them even prettier, they look natural. Doesn't stay for long-long, but does it have to? I love it.
  • 25-34