BEAUTY PIE now offers flat-rate shipping

The Beauty Dept / Why FREE SHIPPING is never really FREE


Why FREE SHIPPING is never really FREE...
(and how BEAUTY PIE now manages to offer flat-rate shipping)

Sometimes a theory doesn’t really translate when you put it in practice. Like edible collagen gummy bears that don’t really do much for your hair and nails, or swallowing packets of EUK-134 - better known to the skincare chemistry geeks as superoxide dismutase, thinking that somehow, the age-fighting antioxidants will survive the acid labyrinth in your gut and heroically fight their way to your face, leaving your skin void of cell-destabilizing free-radicals. Theoretically, these products sound exciting. In practice, they just don’t really work.

BEAUTY PIE now offers flat-rate shipping

Kind of like FREE SHIPPING - which we all like to think is free, but it’s not. Because deep down we all know that shipping something costs money, free shipping feels like a discount.

You’ll see. You’ll reapply these products for no other reason but to feel them.

Of course it’s highly likely that when you’re being offered FREE SHIPPING, the actual cost has been baked into the prices of the products themselves, and/or it's part of a strategy to increase your order size.

And few of us, when in the thralls of shopping for our favourite exfoliating masks, or lash-lengthening mascaras, or vitamin C serums and Ferulic Acid Creams want to think about how much it’s going to cost us to get them to our doorstep. Must we actually calculate?

We may have made a mistake when we left it to our members to understand the math on our transparent shipping & handling (which, with our no-middleman product pricing being so low, can seem high by comparison). At the PIE, we pay a third-party warehouse for order processing (a flat rate)+ picking & wrapping packing (a small charge per item) + basic postage (a flat rate). All of this is totally transparent.

You pay exactly what we pay.

Members (and not-yet-members) keep asking about handling fees and what they are. So, to make things simpler, as of 07/26/2018 we are transparently moving our warehouse’s picking and packing fees (handling fees) into the ‘warehouse’ column in the MEMBERS PRICE breakdown of each BEAUTY PIE product.

The overall cost to you is exactly the same, but SHIPPING will show as a FLAT RATE for every order (unless you opt for an express shipping option, obviously).


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