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One Powder Wonder™

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One Powder Wonder™
4.655One Powder Wonder™

If we may have your attention please:
Our new One-Powder Wonder™ is NOT JUST ANOTHER translucent powder. It's a micro-fine, uber-light, pretty-much invisible, naked-finish, shine-evening, flaw-blurring, radiance boosting one-powder wonder. It instantly blends makeup, disguises fine lines, hides large pores, protects against dehydration, boosts luminosity and, being ultra fine, never ever cakes (no matter how many times you apply it).

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Ratings & Reviews for One Powder Wonder™
A great buy
A must have product. I have bought this product twice and will again. Love it
Joanne ,
  • 50+
Great product love how this product sits without looking ‘cakey’
Jane ,
  • 40-45
Great brightener
A really great product to have to hand for a quick brighten up before heading out at the end of a work day - it dispels fatigue and shine, and gives a slight dewy freshness that doesn't look like you've got something to hide...
Ruth ,
  • 35-40
A must have
I use this product on a daily basis. It's great to use over foundation however I also use it if I'm not wearing any other makeup to take the shine off.
I tried to live without this product (after my first one fell down a loo - in a moment of madness I even considered using it again) however within a couple of weeks I was crying out for it again.
Jo ,
  • 35-40
Love this powder!
I'm now on my second powder and love it! It leaves a lovely finish on your face - as I have an oily T zone - I usually need to reapply a couple of times but it doesn't clog - another product which I am very impressed with!
Rebecca ,
  • 50+
Ratings & Reviews for One Powder Wonder™