Quantum Bronzer Matte

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Quantum Bronzer Matte
3.721Quantum Bronzer Matte

A big leap in bronzing
Our new Quantum Bronzer is smooth, beautiful, blendable, blurring and formulated to give you a flawless, radiant matte second-skin finish.
With protective biomimetic powders, microfine colourmelt technology (so it's instantly and always streak-free) and infused with thermo-protective red algae.

Shade Ain't No Sunshine (suitable for warmer skin tones)
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Ratings & Reviews for Quantum Bronzer Matte
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It's OK.......
I was very concerned when I opened this the first time to see that it appeared to be exceptionally sparkly. However, this is actually just a layer of sparkly pigment. Once you get below that the product is a good matt shade.

I'm quite fair skinned but have acquired a bit of a tan and so for now this is a good match . There is quite a lot of warmth in this product however and I suspect it wouldn't take much for you to appear rather orange. I normally use a Bobbi Brown bronzer which has more blue pigment in it, hence stopping that orange look . I'm not sure that I would repurchase this quantum bronzer, particularly in winter.
Kate ,
  • 45-50
Too dark
Really like how matt this is but don't understand why there aren't a few more shades as it's a bit obvious on my fairly pale skin. BP - I'd give it a 5 if you made it in another shade.
Lindsay ,
  • 40-45
Hi Lindsay, We have some good news - Our Product developers are currently in the process of developing some new shades.
Beauty Pie Team
I loved the colour but it cracked very quickly after buying it, for seemingly no reason at all. I carry a makeup bag with me and at the end of the day when i took it out, it was completely smashed. Stronger packaging is needed and after I managed to solve it using a pinterest hack it became muddy and speckled. Be careful if you do buy it
elsa ,
Gives me that summer glow
I apply this lightly to my temples, hollows of my cheeks and jawline then blend out with a big fluffy brush to give a bronzed summer glow to my fair/medium toned skin. Totally bronzy and natural and not at all muddy; use a light touch and blend! Love it.
Oily skinned ladies need not overdo it as it does seem to get a bit darker with the skin's natural oils as the day goes on.
Mali ,
  • 25-30
Nice Bronzer
Quality of the product is fantastic, the pigment is great and as it's so fine it blends really well. It does however go everywhere so having the bronzer slightly recessed in the packaging would have helped. The only real product negative is that the tone is a little too orange for everyday use as I'm naturally fair skinned. With fake tan it's ideal - lightweight and not cakey.
Daisy ,
  • 30-35
Ratings & Reviews for Quantum Bronzer Matte
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