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Pro Basics Makeup Brush Kit #1

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Six Full Sized Brushes

Pro Basics Makeup Brush Kit #1
4.918Pro Basics Makeup Brush Kit #1

It’s true what they say, if you have a job to do and want it done properly…
YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS. For makeup to look really great - whether yours is ‘au natural’, full-force colour, office-appropriate -you’ve got to put it on with an excellent set of brushes (and then blend). Our makeup artists visited the best brush suppliers in the business and collated their picks into the perfect PRO BASICS MAKEUP BRUSH Kit #1.
Includes: Super Soft Face Powder Brush, Cheek Contour Angled Blush Brush, Perfect Foundation Brush, Basic Eyeshadow Brush, Crease Shadow Brush, Precision Brow & Liner.

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Ratings & Reviews for Pro Basics Makeup Brush Kit #1
Really happy with these brushes, I think they are better quality than the set I own (which was much more expensive) so a total bargain.
Becky ,
  • 30-35
Excellent quality and fabulous value for money
Never had a proper set of make-up brushes before as I'm not really into the whole contouring thing. However, these are fabulous and help to apply even the naturalist of looks easily and efficiently.
Jayne ,
  • 45-50
Great brushes
They are really good quality brushes.
Rebecca ,
  • 40-45
Love these brushes
This is the second set I am ordering. Absolutely love the quality.
Yvonne ,
  • 35-40
definitely top quality
I am unsure about the foundation brush because it says to stipple the foundation on. I have not tried it yet. The brushes are very soft and dense and they are equal to the most expensive brushes you could buy which could cost £100's and it is shocking that they only cost £16 to make. It cost £16 to make SIX brushes and yet how much have you paid for just one? The next step is for beauty pie to sell a dupe for the beauty blender, there is no product in the world as good as the beauty blender.
hali ,
  • 35-40
Ratings & Reviews for Pro Basics Makeup Brush Kit #1