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Flash False Lash Mascara

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7.5ML/0.25 FL OZ.

Flash False Lash Mascara
4.047Flash False Lash Mascara

A game-changing formula if your natural lashes are 'LACKING'.
With a hollow, quick-loading high-definition micro-brush, this amazing mascara wraps fine lashes root-to-tip in intense, immediate, multidimensional colour.

Shade Cosmic Black
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Ratings & Reviews for Flash False Lash Mascara
Makes your eyelashes stand out
This mascara is brilliant. I have very sparse lashes and it is hard to find a mascara that build up my lashes whilst not looking caked on. Have purchased this mascara several times and would not use anything else.
Maria ,
  • 50+
Wet and clumpy
I really wanted to give this mascara a good chance before writing a review but I’m afraid I just hate it. The formula is too wet and I can’t get any separation at all from it, and I really hate the clumpy look. Love all my other beauty pie products but for me this is a fail.
Linzi ,
  • 25-30
Hi Linzi, thanks so much for taking the time to review this product. We are so sorry to hear that you haven't been getting along with the FLASH FALSE LASH MASCARA. This is a great product as it is very build-able, and the precision brush really gets to those shorter lashes. We would recommend allowing each coat to dry a little before applying the next, and perhaps using another spooly to separate out your lashes in between coats if you are finding it is clumping on you. Do try this out and let us know how you get on!
Beauty Pie Team
Hard to get off, but amazing lashes
The brush is rather odd but it really grips the lashes well if you use a rotation type of movement! I love how it makes my lashes look but it does get clumpy easily and I don#t like how hard it is to get off... I wasn't expecting it to be a waterproof formula if it is, because I don't really go for those.
I've got a demo and first impressions on this and some more of Beauty Pie's products on my YouTube channel; if you want to look it up, my channel is called PeaceAndCookies>(^_^)
Gen ,
  • 20-25
I couldn't decide whether to get this mascara or not based on some of the reviews describing it as wet and gloopy - there is nothing worse than a gloopy mascara, right!? However I went ahead and am really glad I did. I've only used it twice so far. The first time (yesterday) I was slightly disappointed as it is very wet and I had too much on the wand. It looked OK but that was it. However the second time (today) I was prepared and scraped some off the wand and then did several coats, applying it very lightly initially and then just went for it. I was extremely pleased with the results and have had 3 people tell me my eyes look great so far today! Never has a mascara got such a reaction. Love it.
Ciara ,
  • 35-40
Impressed a mascara snob!
I am so pleased with this mascara, i am super fussy about mascaras and end up so disappointed with a lot of the high end brands. Yes this mascara is more watery than I like and you do get a lot of product on the brush.. however... stick with it! 1 wands worth will cover both eyes, keep brushing each eye lightly to avoid clumps, and layer the product.
This is better than the fibre mascaras I own, The length and volume is amazing!!! I would love to see this formula in a waterproof version. Thank you BP you've done it again!!
Sarah ,
  • 30-35
Ratings & Reviews for Flash False Lash Mascara