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Super Pore-Detox Black Clay Mask

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125ml/4.2 fl. oz.

4.424Super Pore Detox Black Clay Mask

So what if you can't always drop two-hundred bucks on a professional facial? Your face will feel equally fresh, deep cleaned and fabulous with this.
Our SUPER PORE-DETOX BLACK CLAY MASK is the master of all mud masks, the queen of the the steep pore clean, the 'super' of skin detox. With glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids, kaolin clay, micro-buffing bamboo, and natural liquorice and eucalyptus, it's a pore-declogging tour-de-force for an oily (or partly-oily) face. Try it, and witness your own t-zone doing a ten-minute turnaround.

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Great Mask
Great mask, leaves skin clear and matte, and pores do look smaller. Not groundbreaking but a really nice deep cleansing mask to incorporate into a routine.
  • 25-34
Great mask
Of course I am more impressed with how it makes my skin feel and look after I take it off, but I'm also in love with how it looks like it's drawing out any impurities when it's been on my skin for a few minutes. Definitely going to be a regular user of this.
  • 35-34
Buy it now!
This is honestly fantastic. Makes my skin so soft and has really helped clear up my skin (using once a week). Love the eucalyptus scent too! Good size bottle so it lasts a while but I will be buying this again when I run out.
  • 25-34
Love this mask......afterwards it feels like you have given your skin a really deep clean and refreshing and easy to remove
  • 45-54
Makes you realise what masks can achieve
I admit I'm not a big fan of masks as I think generally there is very little they can do compared to a good daily skincare routine. Because of BP pricing I find I will try things just to see what they are like but this is AMAZING! I already use micropeeling drops and they have had a profound affect on my skin texture but this is top up that takes my skin to the next level. This will be 6 quid well spent as at twice a week this will last 2 months I reckon.
  • 35-34