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Pro-Glow™ Highlighter

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Pro-Glow™ Highlighter
4.324Pro-Glow™ Highlighter

Get sculpted cheeks, dewy skin, amazing face, all with one seriously smart super powder.

The stuff that KILLER CHEEKBONES are made of - when they're not genetic.

Our Pro-Glow™ Highlighter Powder has light-reflecting 12-hour no fade, colour releasing micro-pigments and gives great glow wherever you apply it. Selfies at the ready.

Shade Cosmic Shine
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Ratings & Reviews for Pro-Glow™ Highlighter
Loved it at first but then it dried up and cracked into a lot of pieces
I still love the way this looks on me but after about two months it just cracked into a lot of pieces. (It never leaves the makeup bag in my bathroom and I'm pretty respectful of my products and don't throw them around.) I still use it but it's a bit annoying now because every time I open it, it's in even more pieces.
Krista ,
  • 40-45
This is one of the best highlighters I've ever tried! loads of pigment and really pretty. I was worried as I'd seen someone say it was very dark but I haven't had any issues.
Sian ,
  • 30-35
Would buy again
I'm new to highlighters, and it took me a few tries to work out how to use this. It is very highly pigmented, so you only need a tiny bit on the contours of your face (so it will last forever!). You also need to blend it a bit to avoid looking too stripey. I wasn't sure at first, but a few weeks on and I'm very pleased with it, would recommend.
Jessica ,
  • 30-35
This is the best highlighter I've ever used! It's so pretty and packs a punch even with a small amount of product. Easy to use and build.
Chloe ,
  • 20-25
Arrived very damaged
Such a shame, this was my first order and I was so excited about this product, after reading other reviews. Sadly the highlighter was all in bits when I opened it. I've left a message for customer services, I hope they reply soon.
C ,
  • 45-50
Hi there, thank you for taking the time to review this product. If a product arrives damaged, you should certainly contact the customer service team who will be happy to replace any damaged items straight away!
Beauty Pie Team
Ratings & Reviews for Pro-Glow™ Highlighter