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Flash False Lash Mascara

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7.5ML/0.25 FL OZ.

Flash False Lash Mascara
3.952Flash False Lash Mascara

A game-changing formula if your natural lashes are 'LACKING'.
With a hollow, quick-loading high-definition micro-brush, this amazing mascara wraps fine lashes root-to-tip in intense, immediate, multidimensional colour.

Shade Cosmic Black
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Ratings & Reviews for Flash False Lash Mascara
I have tried many Beauty Pie products and genuinely loved them all, from lip liners to eyeshadows to their wonderful skincare options. Almost always I have found that they do what they promise to do. But this mascara was a nightmare for me. The brush was completely ineffective - went on in great clumpy globules, and I had to use a separate brush to actually spread it on lashes. The formula also stung my eyes, which aren't normally sensitive. One eye was red for two days after using this product. The only positive thing I can say about this mascara is the pigment was lovely, but the mess and the pain were not worth it.
Betsy ,
  • 50+
Unfortunately this mascara smudges too easily I have panda eyes after a few hours
H ,
  • 35-40
Awesome mascara
I have just ordered my third of these mascaras, after my second was pinched by my daughter when she asked me what mascara I was wearing as my lashes looked so good! On first use of a new tube it is a little bit wet, but I find this to be true of most mascaras. It makes my lashes look awesome, and stays put with no flaking or smudging, or irritation. I use a cream cleanser, all over face and eyes, warm flannel, done! Love it!
Erica ,
  • 50+
Flash false lash mascara
Amazing! I always feel you get what you pay for in mascaras and am always with willing spend money on them. This is as good as my previous £25 fave.
G ,
  • 30-35
I spent ages reading through all the reviews to select the best mascara for me and I'm really disappointed with this. This goes on in clumps and I have to use an old mascara brush to separate the lashes and unclump them. The colour is fine and easy to wash off but I wouldn't buy it again. I'd like to know which mascara Beauty Pie would recommend for short and fine lashes. The website is not very helpful in making choices like this.
rebecca ,
  • 40-45
Ratings & Reviews for Flash False Lash Mascara