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Uber Youth™ Super Serum

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50ml / 1.69 fl. oz

Uber Youth™ Super Serum
4.315Uber Youth™ Super Serum

If amazing, time-fighting skincare supplies are your biggest weakness…
This super-concentrated serum is like kryptonite for an aging face!It's superpowered-with clinically tested levels of BionymphPeptides and Wrinkle-Fighting Liposomal Complexes, an intensive stratum corneum moisture-boosting Marine mix , and Vitagenesis White -a revolutionary new ingredient that helps even pigmentationand brighten your complexion.

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Ratings & Reviews for Uber Youth™ Super Serum
A reliable staple serum
This has become a staple serum in my make up routine. I have different more expensive ones I use when I want a change or a special result, but for frequent use, this is great. I use it on the back of my hands tooand on my nmeck when I have nothing more firming available.
Dorothy ,
  • 40-45
I apply it all over
I love its smell, texture and the price of course. Apart from my face, neck and decolletage, I apply it on my knees, elbows and the back of my hands... because why not, for this price?! Bring on the summer! :D
Magda ,
  • 35-40
Excellent product,only downside need more top up!!!!
Dorothea ,
  • 50+
A little goes a long way...
You don't need to use much of this at a time and it absorbs well without feeling sticky or greasy. I have ordered this again as I think it's starting to make a difference! I also like that it's a glass bottle rather than plastic as I'm trying not to buy too many items packaged in plastic...
Zoe ,
  • 45-50
I noticed a difference from application one, now on week 3 and going strong. Good smoothing and firming results. Have already bought another one for when this one is used up.
Shona ,
  • 50+
Ratings & Reviews for Uber Youth™ Super Serum