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How to Wear the BEAUTY PIE Sexy Berry Trio

How To Wear The Sexy Berry Trio - by Pati Dubroff

A-List Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff’s Sexy Berry Shade Is Back In A New Must-Have Trio. Here’s How To Wear This Season’s Ultimate Makeup Colour

Gifting Header

5 mins

All You Can Treat - Who’s Getting What?

The Holiday Gifts Have Landed - From Sumptuous Silks To Luxe, Limited Edition Makeup. And Everything In Between.

How to sleep better

7 mins

Your expert guide to feeling (& looking) less tired.

Model using a konjac cloth

5 mins

And why powerful antioxidants are essential in the best anti-aging skincare…

Texture Mix of Beauty Products

5 mins

It's hard to avoid it in the summertime.

Oxygen Instant Facial Refuelling Mask

5 mins

It's like an energy booster for your face.

Ceramides in Skincare Hero

5 mins

What are ceramides and how do they work in skincare?


5 mins

Anti-Aging Skin protection & Primer, In One.

The surprising reason your skin is red

6 mins

Read this, if you’re battling rosacea, redness or wrinkles.

Skincare Alphabet: P is for Peptides

3 mins

P is for Peptides

Skincare Guru's Guide to Exfoliating

4 mins

The world's best fruit acids, scrubs, retinols and instant glow (who doesn't want instant glow)?

BEAUTY PIE Super Retinol

5 mins

They make your skin look magnificent.

Best facial cleansers mix

3 mins

How to choose the best facial cleanser for your skin type.

BEAUTY PIE Skincare guide

3 mins

Here’s how I systematically tackle the quest for the perfect complexion.

Plantastic Micopeeling Super Drops

2 mins

Discover the best products for acne breakouts, clogged pores and congestion, PLUS, how to prevent breakouts in the first place, in four easy steps.

Expert Tips for Ultimate Manicure - Dripping Nail Polish

3 mins

Monty interviews Fiona Kamale, London celeb (and civilian) manicurist, to bring you expert tips on how to D-I-Y your nails this autumn-winter.

How to contour hero

10 mins

Perfecting how to contour will instantly enhance your features and warm your complexion. using our luxury Italian makeup and cruelty-free, vegan brushes, follow our exclusive step-by-step guide.

Hyaluronic Acid Skincare BEAUTY PIE Products

6 mins

It's the most marvellous moisture magnet.

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