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Why your skin needs to take its vitamins too

And why powerful antioxidants are essential in the best anti-aging skincare…

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At BEAUTY PIE we – along with super nutritionist Kay Ali – have been talking a lot about great vitamins. Because when your body is missing essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, you just don’t have the efficiency, the immunity, the antioxidant defense, or the energy that you should. 

And it’s the same for your skin. Even eating boatloads of fruits and vegetables doesn’t mean the ‘good stuff’ will make it to your face. By the time most nutrients go through the digestion process, into the bloodstream, and diffuse through capillaries out to external tissues, they’re a fraction of their original powerhouse selves.

Behind the scenes in the NPD department at BEAUTY PIE, we work with the leading ingredient suppliers, skincare chemists and labs – in several countries – to bring you the most potent topical vitamins and antioxidants (including Vitamin C, Resveratrol and Retinol). Used regularly in your skincare routine, they help to reduce the appearance of sun damage and to give you glowing, gorgeous, bouncy, super healthy looking skin.  

What does VITAMIN C do for your skin?

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, and when applied regularly it can help to: neutralize free radicals, boost your skin’s natural regeneration and collagen production processes, increase luminosity and radiance, help repair sun damage, lighten pigmentation and scars, and protect skin from pollution. Because it’s such a great ingredient, at BEAUTY PIE we have a wide range of face moisturizers, body moisturizers, treatment serums and Superdrops (with Ferulic Acid and Tranexamic Acid), all focused on delivering effective doses of Vitamin C to your skin. 

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Marcia Kilgore

2 years ago

Superdose Vitamin C Moisturiser

“One of my favorite BP products. My skin looks really bright and plump.“

Rebecca, BEAUTY PIE member


Superdose C C Suite Rapid Action Power Brightener

“All-round awesomeness. I look forward to waking up with brighter, tighter and smoother skin. It lives up to its claims!“


The amazing skincare benefits of Resveratrol…

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant found in certain grape skins, peanuts, berries, and even dark chocolate. In skincare, Resveratrol works on a cellular level to fight aging. How? By boosting the repairing activity of ‘Sirtuin 1’ – a longevity gene shown to be active in people who live past 100. Resveratrol helps firm, plump and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps fight visible collagen loss, skin pigmentation and sun damage. We source intensive Resveratrol dose capsules from Italy, where our lab combines them with line-fighting Penta-and-Tetrapeptides and Exotic Fruit Oils, so each one is like an anti-aging booster shot for your face!


“Little dollops of magic! I loooove these! My skin just looks brighter and healthier. “

Liz, BEAUTY PIE member

Looking for a ‘Beginner’s Guide to Retinol’? Or are you already an expert?

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative – technically ‘vitamin A1-alcohol’. Regular application can unclog and reduce the appearance of large pores, boost collagen production, minimize lines, speed up sluggish cell turnover (to refresh your face), help even out discoloration, normalize the skin’s barrier function, and smooth your complexion (sometimes visibly in as little as four weeks). It leaves you with really good skin. Below, one of our members before-and-after Retinol photos. (Impressive right?) 

Before and After Retinol Use

Fact: Retinol slows down your skin’s aging process.

When you hit your mid-30s, your cell regeneration slows down, turning over only every 50, 60, or 70 days. (It’s more like 28 days when you’re young.) That slower cell regeneration can cause your face to look dull, more lined and less vibrant.

Retinol sinks into your skin and speeds up cell turnover, causing your body to churn out fresher, smoother looking skin again. It essentially tricks your skin into thinking it’s younger than it is. You won’t see results overnight – we recommend at least three months of consistent nightly serum-layered-under-moisturizer use, but the payback will be amazing.

What are the best anti-aging Retinol products?

At BEAUTY PIE, we use two Retinol ingredients exclusively, both slow release and one microencapsulated, so there’s no ‘down time’ when you first start using it. To learn more about Retinol, read this blog.

Shop Retinol skincare

Super Retinol Ceramic Boost Anti Aging Face Serum

“This serum is the reason I subscribe to BEAUTY PIE. This stuff is fantastic and I have recommended it to several friends when they have complimented my skin (true story).“

Annabel, BEAUTY PIE member


Super Retinol High-Dose Booster Treatment

“This really does work. The results have been amazing. I am absolutely delighted with how my skin looks and feels. It has given me so much more confidence.“

Rosy, BEAUTY PIE member

If you’re loving your new BEAUTY PIE skincare, post a selfie and tag us, or send a before-and-after photo to customer.service@beautypie.com. We want to see your results (and we also love a bit of great skincare results gloating!).   

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Vitamin C: It Brightens, Tightens, Lightens...

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