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Introducing Tsuiyee, Digital Product Manager

We're growing...! Some tips on joining our Product Engineering team during lockdown.

Tsuiyee Cheng - BEAUTY PIE Digital Product Manager

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What do you do at Beauty pie?

I work in the Product Engineering Department as a Product Manager. People often mistake my role for New Cosmetic Product Development, but I am actually dealing with the technical, not the physical, side of things. This means working closely with engineers to improve everything related to our online shopping experience and more.

Why did you join Beauty Pie and what advice would you give to applicant?

The Product Engineering Department was only formed this year, so I couldn't possibly have passed on the opportunity to be one of the first members of a team that is set to revolutionise the way we shop for beauty. I'm also a huge skincare enthusiast and believe this is exactly what the beauty industry needs, so it was a no-brainer really.

What tip would you give to any new starters joining remotely?

Reach out to people and ask as many questions as you want! Everyone is very welcoming and understands that the better onboarding experience you have, the more successful you will be in your role. We've grow so much over lockdown that most people haven't met each other yet so you're not alone.

How does it feel to be a woman in a very tech-oriented position? 

I am glad that I'm contributing (even if on a small scale) to a much needed change of perception when it comes to women in the technology industry. Thankfully, I have never felt that my gender made a difference in what I could do or could achieve. While the reality continues to present a very skewed picture, I was lucky enough to work with technology teams mostly composed of men who were supportive and open-minded. I love what I do, and I am sure other women would love it too but there needs to be more openness and education about the role they can play in the industry. BEAUTY PIE is well aware of this, and is working towards what, we hope to be, a sustainable change. 

If you're interested in finding out more, drop me an email to careers@beautypie.com.

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2 years ago

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