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Want to Try the ‘Cheapest Expensive’ Face Cream in the World?

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Marcia Kilgore

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‘Some people are lucky enough to have one good idea in life that they then build into a successful business. Marcia Kilgore had five,’ reported The New York Times. ‘But it is Marcia’s fifth company, BEAUTY PIE, that the serial entrepreneur believes “eclipses all the rest”’. 

Kilgore’s story is impressive – the kind of career biopic that’ll have you simultaneously contemplating how to carve out your own success story, while wondering what you’ve been doing with all your time. Hers is a tale that is uplifting, life-inspiring, motivating – and, sure, a teensy bit overawing too.

Read the NYTimes article in full here


BEAUTY PIE is the buyers’ club for beauty addicts. Think of it as a warehouse club where members can shop for luxury skincare (formulated by the world’s best skincare chemists and PHds), premium quality cosmetics (imported direct from the best manufacturers in  Korea, and Japan, Italy and Germany), fine fragrance and scented candles (made by the famous noses who also create the big hits for the ubiquitous high-spend beauty brands), and a lot more. 

Members pay a monthly or annual membership fee to help run the club, and get insider access to premium products at no middle-men, no retailer markup prices. Think of it as like shopping at Sephora -but not having to pay for all the superfluous branding and billboard advertising and not-really-free samples and expensive fixtures and fittings. Same labs, amazing products, just no smoke and mirrors and up to 5X more for your money. Literally, members get a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE. 

One For All

Kilgore had been in the beauty industry for almost 3 decades, starting out as a celebrity facialist (she was also the founder of Bliss) with a client roster that included Madonna, Oprah, Courtney, Meg, and Christy. During that time, she took cosmetic chemistry at UCLA, and started formulating skincare with the world’s most brilliant chemists, most of whom worked at the world’s best third party beauty labs. Visiting those labs, and “getting lab submission boxes delivered to her offices always felt like Christmas” says Kilgore.

BEAUTY PIE warehouse

But the idea for BEAUTY PIE? It came to Marcia in the train station in Milan, following a visit to suppliers based in the ‘Lipstick Valley’ region of Italy. The New York Times writes ‘With a bag full of beauty product samples worth (at retail value) about $5,000, she suddenly thought: “What if all the women who usually pay insanely inflated prices for these products in department stores could have the feeling that I have right now?”’ and what if they shop almost lab-direct, for the world’s best beauty products, at a fraction of their typical retail prices?

A subsequent experience in a Hong Kong airport Duty Free, where - knowing what an “Expensive” Swiss Anti-Aging Cream actually cost to make - she couldn’t bring herself to buy a hugely overpriced moisturiser, and this cemented her resolve to shake up the industry, and get women the best, for less.

Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

A formula that would typically retail  for over $100, BEAUTY PIE’s bestselling Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Anti Aging Cream sells for less than $19.

To celebrate the kickoff of Summer (yes, we also  have bronzer and self tanner and nail polish and sunscreen and vitamin C and brilliant body cream), and while membership spots are available, you can try your first month, for FREE, when you sign up to shop with BEAUTY PIE. Use  IWANTPIE in the promo box at checkout, and get your first month FREE*

*offer available for first-time members only, for monthly memberships. Annual memberships are also a bargain at the moment, if you’d rather dive in the deep end with us, you can get $20 off your annual membership with the same code: IWANTPIE.

The Beauty Risk Taker

Beauty entrepreneur Bobbi Brown told The New York Times. “She has never been someone who is afraid of taking chances.” And Marcia herself admits – “At first, I was worried about exposing the egregious markups in the industry. I thought ‘I can’t do it. The beauty industry will hate me’. She continued “But the more I thought about it, the more that became “but I have to do it, because millions of people will love me”.

With thousands of members already enjoying insider prices on the world’s best beauty products, and glowing reviews from Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Refinery 29, Cosmopolitan, and The New York Times, it’s a club that’s set to change the way millions of people shop.

“This is about democratizing luxury beauty. It is about respecting the intelligence and needs of a customer, and stripping out the smoke and mirrors . She deserves better. And I’m going to deliver it.“

- Marcia Kilgore, BEAUTY PIE Founder.

On BEAUTY PIE delivering happiness to your door: “From the days when I did three part-time jobs to support my mom in high school or when I did facials sitting on a crate in my apartment and then watched my clients float out the door. It just gives me the biggest thrill.” - Marcia Kilgore, BEAUTY PIE Founder

You can read The New York Times piece on PIE in full here.

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(Or if you want to go all out, you can GET $10 OFF AN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP and get 12 months for the price of 9. Because 90% of what you pay for at retail is advertising, fish tanks, chandeliers, marble countertops, fatcat salaries and fancy office spaces. And who really wants to be subsidizing all that nonsense?)

At checkout, simply enter the code IWANTPIE into the promo box to get your bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE. But HURRY, this is a limited time offer.


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