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Why Luxury Skincare Costs So Much


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You might be shocked to hear this, but most beauty products are priced at about 10X more than they really cost to make. It’s the same across the board, whether your personal weakness is Swiss anti-aging skincare, high-tech repairing shampoos, fine fragrances, French scented candles or Italian lipsticks. Which means up to 90% of what you pay for when you shop for skincare and cosmetics is just markup, going into somebody else’s pocket – a retailer, a celebrity, a middleman. And really, they don’t deserve your money.

At BEAUTY PIE, we think the way the ‘old’ beauty industry works is ridiculous. And while we need our high-performance Swiss Anti-Aging Serum and really can’t live without our microencapsulated Retinol, and there’s nothing we love more than a super-deluxe moisturizing lipstick, we don’t want you overpaying for them.

That’s why our founder, Marcia Kilgore, decided to start the first ever ‘Buyers’ Club’ for beauty product junkies. A celebrity skincare and formulating expert, she’s looked after the complexions of Madonna and Christy and Courtney (she was even on the last @Oprah show). She works with the world’s leading third-party labs to source the most effective skincare, the best makeup, the finest candles, gorgeous fragrances, stunning bodycare and more, and brings it to members direct, so you get a lot more for your money. Love your luxury cosmetics? Why overpay, when you can BEAUTY PIE?

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Our Packaging Process

How it works behind the scenes.

Our packaging process colour marching

Most skincare and cosmetic packaging are on a 4-6 month lead time. And if you're colour matching something (like we did with the lining of the cap of our SUPERDOSE Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer, for instance) it can take a few back and forths before you get what you've asked for! Or even what you thought you asked for – for example, your chosen colour on recycled plastic can differ when shown on paper. Or when you want to match other parts of the same range on different substrate materials, or secure the correct END colour if you're mixing in Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials (which we always try to do, but they can add a slightly greyish tinge to the substrate which may then require tweaks).

Start shopping, and you’ll see how thousands of members every day are getting up to 5X more for their money!

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