The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating

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The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating

The world’s best fruit acids, scrubs, retinols AND INSTANT GLOW (WHO DOESN’T WANT INSTANT GLOW)?
The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating

There are myths galore about exfoliating. Rumours that all Retinol makes you red (untrue), that scrubs rip and tear at your complexion (not the refined ones, but yes avoid the ‘apricot’), that if you use Alpha Hydroxy Acids in the summer your face will suffer (not in moderation, not for all skin types, and not if you’re pairing it with a great sunscreen). What to believe? We asked our in-house expert, Marcia Kilgore, for a what, when, where and how to exfoliate our faces.



The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating

GLYCOLIC ACID is still the mother of all Fruit Acids. It’s the smallest (molecularly), it penetrates the deepest and the fastest, and when balanced with other Fruit Acids and Niacinamide (a brightening, pigment-lightening, permeation enhancer), results can really be miraculous. With any acid, you’ll feel a slight sting on application, but once the initial sensation subsides, the results are worth it. We source both our Dr Glycolic Multi-Acid (6.5%) Micro-Peeling Pads and Dr Glycolic Pore-Purifying Glow Toner (9.2% + 1.5%) from the best acid lab in Switzerland. Both reduce clogging, make your pores look smaller, remove dead skin cells, and leave your skin glowing. Just quickly sweep (either) across the skin after cleansing and toning – you can follow with serum or an essence and then your moisturizer.

Who can use it? Pretty much anyone, but you can experiment. If you’re sensitive or dry, or on prescription keratolytic medication* (that peels your face), start with the pads – twice a week for those with combination or dry skin and daily for those with oily skin and/or a troublesome T-zone. And work up to the Dr Glycolic Pore Purifying Glow Toner, which is a little stronger, a little faster, and with a little more ‘pow’.

*If you’re under the care of a dermatologist, always check with your doctor first!


The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating

IF YOUR SKIN TENDS TO BREAKOUT OR CLOG UP A LOT you want to address all the causes of the problem. That’s where our bestselling Plantastic MicroPeeling Super Drops come in. With Fruit Acids for exfoliation (to keep the dead cells from clogging up your sebaceous follicles, which can lead to whiteheads and then acne), plus Salicylic Acid for soothing and inflammation control and fast-penetrating bio-surfactants (to tackle the anaerobic bacteria that leads to white blood cell build-up and then breakouts) – these are brilliant. A few drops massaged onto your face every day after cleansing keeps your skin beautifully clear. They’re also genius for teenagers (faces, necks, chests, backs) and have been reported to get rid of chicken skin (on the backs of the arms, and, um, bums). Made in Switzerland. These are just $10.79 if you’re a BEAUTY PIE member, but you’re also welcome to buy them at the regular price of $60 if you’re not.

“It’s true – this is a miracle product! Occasionally I have the odd blemish and spot and I’ve found these drops work an absolute dream on the targeted area. I’ve used them overnight and by morning there is definitely significant improvement. (My teenage daughter has also been using these drops and we've found it the best product to help with her teenage breakouts.) I have very quickly become a huge fan of Beauty Pie – thank you so much!”
Sally, BEAUTY PIE member, reviewing Plantastic MicroPeeling Super Drops

The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating The Skincare Guru’s Guide To Exfoliating

AND THEN OF COURSE, THE ULTIMATE ANTI-AGING EXFOLIATOR IS RETINOL. And we’ve got the best one. Non-reddening. Micro-encapsulated. And safe for pretty much all skin types. Read our expert's guide here >

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