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The Beauty Dept / Why Keeping Beauty Pie A ‘Secret’ Is Not Really Strategic.


Why Keeping Beauty Pie A ‘Secret’ Is Not Really Strategic.

When you’re a Buyers’ Club, Bigger is Always Better.
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We read a lot of comments from members – on Instagram, Facebook, through our Customer Service channels – about their intention to keep ‘Beauty Pie’ to themselves – whether that’s to ensure we’ve always got a favourite face serum in stock, or to get first dibs on Limited Editions. But small is not what we need to be. Here’s why:

  • The bigger our orders with labs, the better our negotiating power. Which means we all get better pricing, higher priority (together, we can be one very big fish), even exclusive formulas and ingredients. Together, we can be as powerful as any of the large cosmetic companies - (i.e. a price for 10,000 bottles is higher per bottle than for 20,000 or 50,000). And as our prices are passed through to YOU, more is less – if you know what we mean.
  • Quite a few team members are needed to source and supply our stream of products. We have our New Product Development team, a team of Legal consultants, our Supply Chain and Sourcing teams, our Customer Service group, our Art department, Designers, Packaging Technologists etc. The more of us in the club, the less overhead per product that comes into the warehouse and then out the door.
  • The more boxes we ship, the better prices we can get on cartons, picking and packing, delivery services, tissue, printing etc. More members, lower prices!
    (That’s how a Buyers’ club works.)

There has never been a better time to join BEAUTY PIE. We may all be inside, and our budgets may be squeezed, but we don’t want to give up great skincare. So for the good of the club, please sign up to REFER YOUR FRIENDS. And thanks for your support!

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