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The Beauty Pie Glossary

The Beauty Pie Glossary

Sometimes we’re all too busy whipping open a jar of Italian Orange Oil Body Polish to slow down for the nitty gritty details. So, we thought we’d send out a little refresher on how BEAUTY PIE works, for the benefit of our original PIE-ONEERS and newcomers alike.

Think of it as a PIE GLOSSY-ARY! (Notice what we did there?)

B - Buyers Club

A growing number of people join a club to get the maximum buying power and advantageous pricing usually only available to a company or corporation. Generally, the bigger the membership base, the better the negotiating leverage.

D - Dynamic Pricing

This is when the actual real-time costs of getting a product manufactured, tested, shipped and stored are input individually to reflect economies of scale and relevant ‘cost of goods’ sold. At BEAUTY PIE, every member’s price is dynamic, and reflects the total cost it takes to get a product to the warehouse, in the volume and time scale it was ordered. This is why prices may vary slightly from batch to batch and from shade to shade. We trust that members keep their eye on the forest (the overall savings), instead of the trees!

S - Spending Limit

Each membership we have – whatever monthly or annual tier you’re on – has a Spending Limit. This is to cap each member’s spending until their next renewal day, (so we don’t go out of stock in everything)!


It’s entirely up to you how much product you’d like to buy each month with your membership. And if you don’t buy anything one month? Your Spending Limit simply rolls over to the next.

Operating the PIE is a complex endeavour. We have team members, rent, technology AND stock, and we need a certain level of contribution per product we move through, to ensure we can continue to deliver luxury for less.

T - Typical Price

At the PIE, we’re RIGOROUS about setting our typical prices. Not only do we know that many mainstream luxury beauty brands sell the same product formulas that we stock, we go out at least once a year and benchmark our typical prices against what’s on the market. (Of course, we don’t package our products in layers of expensive ‘landfill’ – think ornate caps and sparkly plastic-coated bottles – because that’s just not cool.) But we know what’s inside each product, and that’s what counts.

For skincare, typical industry SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), is to take the ex-factory cost of goods and mark it up 10X before it gets to retail. We think that’s ridiculous, so we do the same market benchmarking and set our typical prices lower, so our members can access more.


U - Upgrades

Upgrades are available (with a maximum £50 monthly membership for a £500 monthly Spending Limit) and monthly downgrades can easily be had by emailing Customer Service here.

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