Plantastic™ Youth Guard Eye Cream

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3.917Plantastic™ Youth Guard Eye Cream

So-the skin around your eyes is thinner, lacks natural oils (wrinkles more), on a tired day may even appear to have turned purple, and it will always seem to age faster than the rest of your face.
To all that, we say: VIVE LA RESISTANCE! Ultra-moisturizing, with powerful plant lipids, nourishing shea butter, natural puff-reducing caffeine, protecting stem cells, and dark circle battlers, this is going to be your new favourite everyday eye cream. (It certainly is ours.) more

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As usual for Beauty Pie it's a delight to use.
I am not sure if this product is removing lines, etc (at my age a couple of days off is a bonus). However, it is easy to apply and sinks into the skin very quickly.
  • 75 +
I've used premium eye creams for a long time and this formula is my favourite. Beautiful product.
  • 25-34
Feels Nourishing
This is an enjoyable product to use, you definitely feel as though you have added beneficial moisture to your skin. As well as using this product around my eyes I occasionally apply it to my nose as I suffer from dry peeling skin here often and it seems to help there as well. I can't say if it does anything to reduce the appearance of or prevent wrinkles but it definitely is nice to use.
  • 18-24
Really good all round eye cream
I'm 29 and I wanted an eye cream that would start to treat the first signs of wrinkles I was getting but also prevent in the future. My wrinkles have looked less prominent having used for about a month and my eye area is just generally more hydrated. It's good for day as well as night as it doesn't make make up smudge (which I've found with some other creams) and makes a good base, plus I've got quite sensitive eyes and it doesn't bother them. I alternate with a retinol eye cream to get all the benefits!
  • 25-34
excellent eye cream
excellent eye cream xxx
  • 35-44