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Fruitizyme™ Five Minute Facial

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75ml/ 2.53 fl. oz.

4.828Frutizyme™ Five Minute Facial

Somewhere in a dimly-lit room, a facialist is hunched over a woman's T-zone, cleaning out one painful clogged pore at a time.
While you, in your own bathroom with our 5-minute peel formula, and on your own can undergo an equally deep clean sweep. The best do-it-yourself facial peel we've ever found. With dead-cell sloughing glycolic acids, powerful pomegranate enzymes, gentle quartz and bamboo scrub grains, purifying salicylic acid and anti-free-radical stem cells from raspberries, this triple-tasking leave-on peeling mask is a marvel. Use weekly (at least) for a perennially fresh complexion.

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Believe the hype!
I really do enjoy this product, does what it says on the tin, literally. Unlike other reviews I enjoy the grainy feel as I rinse it off. What I do is double cleanse before applying, and I give it 10 mins. I'm concerned about large pores on my T zone area so that's what attracted me to this. My skin feels lovely afterwards and with continued use weekly I think it'll make a difference. I have done about 4 treatments now. Its all about the active ingredients folks, and this is jam packed.
  • 45-54
This is a great product. Using it twice a week and my skin feels great - really smooth and clean.
  • 45-54
Grtty but worth it
I don't actually enjoy the process of this mask, but I do enjoy the effects. The mask applies very easily, it feels pleasantly zingy while it's doing its thing - but removing it is a bit of a trial. I end up with a face peppered with tiny, stubborn white grains and it takes numerous rinsed flannels and soaked cotton wool pads to try to get them all off.
It says something about how bright and fresh it makes my skin feel though, that I am going to continue to use it and will just change from applying it while soaking in a bath to applying it just before a morning shower. I think the shower will probably wash away the grains that I feel get left behind.
  • 45-54
Easy to use
Creamy and rich. Luxurious and glowing skin afterwards.
  • 35-34
Frutizyme five minute facial
Love this product always feels so good after using ,refines and refreshes my skin . Would highly recommend it to anyone.
  • 65-74