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Japanfusion™ Pure Transforming Cleanser

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100ml/3.38 fl. oz.

4.554Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser

Superlight. Perfectly effective. Delicately technical. And really cool to use.
Japanese skincare was ‘all grown up’ already by the time Korea started grabbing the limelight. This beautiful antioxidant-infused high-tech gel-to-oil-to-milk cleansing balm demonstrates that mastery. Massage it on every night to tracelessly remove makeup, oils, and pollution. For radiant, perfectly balanced skin, it’s a supreme clean.

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I gave this to my daughter and she was delighted with it.
New fave cleanser
I love this cleanser. It's taken over from my long-time cleansing balm. Gets all my make up off and leaves my skin feeling clean but not greasy. Looking forward to trying more from this range.
  • 35-44
Holy Grail!
I have to admit I was pretty sceptical about Beauty Pie and thought there might be a whole 'Emperor's New Clothes' effect going on, but the quality of everything I've tried so far has been outstanding and this cleanser tops them all. I usually use a cream cleanser on my face and an oil to dissolve heavy eye make up as I find oil cleansers can block my pores if I use them all over, and some eye products (like heavy duty waterproof liner) require buckets of oil to be removed effectively. Last night I was using this cleanser, not looking in the mirror, gently rubbing my eyes, and when I looked up every single scrap of liner was gone. None hiding in my lash line, or smeared around my eyes. This cleanser dissolved every single scrap. And it's still light enough to use on the rest of my face. Truly a holy grail product. I'm officially a convert!
  • 30-35
Great product that you can pack in your carry-on:)
This is a lovely product that is gentle enough to remove eye makeup. I love the way it melts into your skin.
And at 100 ml, you can bring it on board!
  • 35-44
Melts into skin
I like this, it melts into your skin like butter! I do think some kind of second step is always needed after though to get the last bit of make up off
  • 25-34