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The Beauty Dept / Why we all think we need high cheekbones…


Why we all think we need high cheekbones…

...and how easily, if your DNA didn’t deliver them, you can have a pair and a spare. It’s not just raw Angelina envy that gets us all hankering for a bit of Hollywood ‘sculpt’.

Quick Colour Contour Supergel

Why oh why

According to a group of psycho-physiological scientists at NYU, the whittling-in of the fat and cushy cheeks associated with childhood instantly cue a set of assumptions about you. Yes, the way your face is shaped actually affects your ability to be convincing, signals the opposite (or hey, the same) sex, and can give you a distinct advantage in terms of getting people to trust you. Great cheekbones indicate, apparently, that you are experienced.

(Think David Gandy. Just look at him and how trustworthy he looks.)

How we're doing it

Now, having originally thought sculpted cheeks were for glamour – and as most of us are not full time makeup artists- we jumped on Quick Colour Contour Supergel when one of our favourite Italian colour labs presented it to us last year. Here’s why.

It’s EASY:

It’s contouring for dummies – a blendable gel formula in a flow-through cushion applicator. You twist it up, dab it on like a bingo blotter, then just blend for natural looking definition. And you can contour 'mild' (01), or contour 'medium' (02). Dust a little blush on top, a little highlighter , even. Under the O…

Where oh wear:

Even minimal-makeup wearers will want to give this one a whirl. Results are dazzling, subtle but effective. It can give you an instantly longer neck, tighter jawline, slimmer, shorter looking nose, and Moss-like zygomatics, as originally intended. (Note: no, it’s not big enough to apply to your thighs.)


You can smudge it with your fingertips, or buff with our Angled Contour Blush Brush to blur into your foundation.

Just add:

A complementary swish of highlighter above it, to accentuate all that positive.


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