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Futurelipstick™ - Matte

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Futurelipstick™ - Matte
4.552Futurelipstick™ - Matte

Be forewarned - this lipstick may drive you matte.
Incredibly light, hydrating, weightless, with instant pure colour laydown on your lips, our matte Futurelipstick™ is moisturizing, softening, extremely smooth, with a formula that all-at-once delivers superlight, luxurious pigment plus hydration, regeneration and antioxidants. Mwah!

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  • Hush Now
  • Semisweet
  • Cowboy Nude
  • Power Up Pink
  • Hot Saucy
  • Red Light
  • Heartthrob Pink
  • To the Beet
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Ratings & Reviews for Futurelipstick™ - Matte
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Ideal for a strong lip look
Good lipstick that is rich and deep. Lasts well especially when used with a lip liner. Adds a touch of drama.
Fantastic price for a quality product...
Liz ,
  • 50+
Winter time leave so my lipstick cracked no matter how much I exfoliate them and wear balm/Vaseline. Wore Cowboy nude and red light over 3 days. Took off my makeup on the third night and I had zero dryness or cracks. They do not smudge and are gorgeous.
Lars ,
  • 20-25
Lipsticks break
I love the colours and love the textures, but every single one of my lipsticks has broken. I could just be being ham fisted, but this doesn't happen with other brands of lipstick. Shame really
Amanda ,
  • 40-45
Future lipstick Matte & Fantastic Colour Sculpting Lipstick
I have Future Lipstick Matte in Power Up Pink and like it very much. It is a pale pink, but bright and strong if that makes sense, definitely has a punch of colour. I wear it with the Moisture Lock Wonderful lip liner in Love Nest which is also quite bright and I love that too. The best lip liner I've had, it glides on and stays in place. Quite striking combination.. I TOTALLY LOVE the Fantastic Colour Sculpting Lipstick... I have this in Guilty Pink, it is not as intense as the Future Lipstick and is more moisturising. I wear it as an every day item, and also wear it on top of the Power Up Pink lipstick to add a bit of sheen and moisture.
Jadea ,
  • 45-50
I have three of these lipsticks in Cowboy Nude, To the Beet and Red Light. I love all three, though should comment that To the Beet is a bit brighter than the website image would suggest, it's more purple than than the reddish earthy tone suggested but still lovely. I would recommend exfoliating and moisturising lips before applying any of the matte shades but they aren't as drying as some I have used before.
Megan ,
  • 20-25
Ratings & Reviews for Futurelipstick™ - Matte
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