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Matte Retouch Pore-Minimizing Primer

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30ML/1.01 FL OZ

Matte Re-Touch Pore-Minimizing Primer
3.518Matte Re-Touch Pore-Minimizing Primer

Prone to midday makeup meltdown?
You probably just need the right primer. And this one… IS TOTAL AND COMPLETE MATTENESS. Formulated with pollution-fighting, skin-purifying peptides, complexion-perfecting super smoothers, ultra-soft mattifying microspheres, high-tech shine-absorbers, and pigment-fighting VitaLight. Our MATTE RETOUCH PORE-MINIMIZING PRIMER is a must for any girl who battles with ‘greasy’.

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does something!
I use this under tinted moisturiser and it definitely smooths over my crater sized pores and does have some mattifying effect, although I'm so greasy on my t zone that nothing last longer than an hour. I've purchased this more than once.
  • 35-40
2nd time purchase
Being someone who suffers from a very oily t-zone this is a great product for helping my make up stay put.
My only tiny issue is I still have to dab my forehead mid afternoon to take away the shine but on the plus side the my make up doesn’t budge.
  • 25-30
Good primer
thicker than the other primer and not so smooth to apply, just depends what you look for in a primer
  • 20-25
Hi Tasha, Thank you for reviewing our product. Our Matte Re-Touching Pore-Minimizing Primer is a great product as it contains peptides to fight grease and deal with clogged pores which can often mean the texture is slightly heavier than other primers. Perhaps try the Bio-Infusion Breathable Primer which is more lightweight .
Beauty Pie Team
Feels heavy
I've been using this primer for over a month now. It has a nice consistency but I found it feels heavy on my face. When I wear it, I feel that my skin doesn't breathe and I can't wait to take my make up off. Perhaps that's the desired result but I don't like it. Having said that, this product makes my face look mat for longer than other primers I've tried. I've found a workaround and am using it on my forehead only - the area that gets shiny first.
  • 35-40
Hi Kay, thanks for taking the time to review this product. It's great to hear you are enjoying the mattifying benefits of this primer! This primer has a thicker consistency than the others in our range as it fills in pores to make the skin look smoother. It is great to hear that you are continuing to use this primer on the oilier parts of your face and I would recommend you try our Bio-Infusion Breathable Primer, as it has a thinner and more lightweight consistency, but still prolongs the wear of your makeup. Let us know how you get on!
Beauty Pie Team
Very claggy
I didn't rate this at all, the texture is very think and claggy, it doesn't spread easily across your face. I don't feel it was that effective as a primer generally, or at keeping my face matte to be honest. The bio-infusion breathable primer is much better.
  • 30-35
Hi Jessica, thanks so much for reviewing our product. So sorry to hear that you haven't been getting on with the product. Our Matte Re-Touching Pore-Minimizing Primer is a great product as it contains peptides to fight grease and deal with clogged pores. The result is a slightly heavier consistency to other primers could be the reason for the "claggy" feeling you described. As you rightly suggest, the Bio-Infusion Breathable Primer might be a better fit for you, with its infused coconut water, bio-enzymes and natural oils. Thank you for taking the time to feedback.
Beauty Pie Team
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