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Uber Volume-Boost Mascara

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9ML/ 0.30 FL OZ.

Uber Volume-Boost Mascara
4.129Uber Volume-Boost Mascara

This is going to be your NEW FAVOURITE mascara.
Instantly volumizing, lengthening, thickening, infused with customized collagen tri-peptides for flexible, fortified, glossy, gorgeous lashes.

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Ratings & Reviews for Uber Volume-Boost Mascara
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Julie northumberland
No Smudge
No Budge
Julie ,
  • 50+
Uber Volume Boost Madcara
This is the 3rd or 4th one I've had and love it. It does what it says and although not marketed as waterproof, I find is smudgeproof and fairly waterproof.
Sue ,
  • 50+
This is a natural mascara, Nice product, packaging is good and smells nice and formula is good didn’t smudge. I gave it an4 because it is natural look which isn’t its fault but I prefer something more, the the beautypie one with the comb applicator. So at least there’s is something for everyone
Alexa ,
  • 30-35
The mascara I've been looking for
I tried this after trying the uber curl mascara (which I didn't get on with as I found it really clumpy and wrote a review saying this).

I love it. It's one of the best mascaras I've ever tried. The first coat doesn't do much but it's buildable and works really well on the second and third coat.
It stays put during the day and comes off easily when I wash my face. (I hate having to rub at my eyes to remove mascara) It doesn't have the chemically smell of other mascaras I've tried and doesn't irritate my eyes.

Great product!
Susannah ,
  • 40-45
Great day mascara
I bought this with a bit of scepticism as I'd seen previous reviews where people found it smudged or flaked. It's been perfect for me - stays on all day with no movement at all. The only reason its not 5 stars is because I'm not super keen on the brush being uneven - it could be a useful feature for some but I do my makeup in a rush on the train in the mornings so finding the right side is a bit of a faff.
Hannah ,
  • 25-30
Ratings & Reviews for Uber Volume-Boost Mascara
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