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Fruitizyme™ Five Minute Facial

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75ml/ 2.53 fl. oz.

Frutizyme™ Five Minute Facial
4.85Frutizyme™ Five Minute Facial

Another skincare ICON.
Now in a bigger tube, as requested by the people of BEAUTY PIE. The best do-it-yourself facial peel we've ever found. With dead-cell sloughing glycolic acids, powerful pomegranate enzymes, super gentle surface-sloughing quartz and bamboo scrub grains, purifying salicylic acid and anti-free-radical stem cells from raspberries, this triple-tasking five minute peeling mask is a marvel. Use weekly (at least) for a perennially fresh complexion.

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Ratings & Reviews for Frutizyme™ Five Minute Facial
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Whats not to love about this product. This is my second purchase and will be a mainstay in my beauty routine.
Sarah ,
  • 50+
Easy to use and effective
This has been a great way to give my skin the lift it needs after being kept up half the night by my daughters. Definitely freshens me up as makes me look brighter.
Amy ,
  • 35-40
As good as it gets!
So much more than I expected for the price. Skin looked and felt glowy, smooth and soft. A must for my routine.
Jacky ,
  • 50+
Starts to work from the first application
Have used this product three times so far and right from the start my skin has felt smoother and looked brighter.

By the third application, I could feel a marked improvement in my skin. Of course it could just be as a result of the exfoliating effect, but I've used other exfoliators in the past that have not left my skin feeling as smooth as this.

Also, the actual exfoliators within the product are gentle to use on the skin, not at all harsh and don't feel scratchy or leave any stinging sensations afterwards.
Sharon ,
  • 50+
Five minute facial
This product is amazing!!! I use it about twice a week- skin feels firm, plump and smooth and moisturiser sinks in perfectly afterwards. Tube lasts for ages too- great value for money.
Louise ,
  • 35-40
Ratings & Reviews for Frutizyme™ Five Minute Facial
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