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The Unlipstick™

Lip Sheers & Keep This™ Case (Nothing On)

A chic, understated ‘Unlipstick’ - plus its brilliant, reusable case.

It’s the Unlipstick™ lipstick - the one you’ve been looking for all your life. Sheer. Matte. Creamy. Moisturising, with UndaPlump extract, in beautiful shades curated by NY style guru Jenna Lyons. Just slot the lipstick into the gorgeous, polished recycled aluminium case and refill as many times as you like.

The Keep This™ Case fits our Unlipstick™ shades.

Suitable for everyone



‎The luxe way to be more mindful about your makeup. ‎+ Infinitely refillable lipstick case. ‎+ Recycled aluminium case with recycled plastic interior. ‎+ Effortless magnetic closure. ‎+ Made to last a lifetime. ‎+ Fits BEAUTY PIE Unlipstick™ shades. ‎


‎With UndaPlump extract, blotted tint pigments and nourishing natural waxes. ‎+ Melts on contact for instant gliding comfort. ‎+ ‘Blotted tint’ lipstick effect. ‎+ Super-emollient for lasting hydration. ‎+ Blurry, soft matte finish. ‎ ‎FOR THE PERFECT LIP PAIRING‎ As a general guide, the below shades can pair really well together. Or simply mix and match with the lip liners! ‎ ‎THE UNLIPSTICK™ + MATCHING WONDERGEL™ LONG-WEAR LIP LINER: ‎ WINNER + DAY JOB STRIKE WHILE IT’S HOT + RACY LIPSTICK PINK + DAY JOB CRUSHED PETAL + RUMMY PINK NOTHING ON + VANILLA NUDE SHEER MOCHA + CHAI CHERRY CHERRY + RACY JENNA + RACY

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The Unlipstick™

Lip Sheers Refill, Case & Lip Liner

Nothing On


Model: Emily Butcher 
Agency: Next Models
Usage: 2 years on social channels, website and email
Shoot date: 31.08.22
Expiry date: 31.08.24
Photographer: Lucy Kinnen



The Unlipstick™ x Jenna Lyons

Lip Sheers Refill

Nothing On (Neutral light nude)


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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.