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BioReady Extra-Strength Curcumin & Black Pepper Complex

If you take Turmeric, you want to take this Turmeric.

Each capsule’s active Curcumin is delivered through a super-bioavailable, patented extract, Phytosome® formulation and combined with Black Pepper, synergistic Boswellia, Resveratrol, Rosemary and Ginger. Vegan-friendly. Take one capsule daily.

Formulated with Clinical Nutritionist Kay Ali.

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Food supplement

60 capsules

1 capsule daily

60 servings

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‎Meriva™ advanced Curcumin Phytosome. ‎ ‎+ A scientifically developed Curcumin compound. ‎+ Provides a full-spectrum of Curcuminoids. ‎+ Provides 100mg Curcuminoids per capsule. ‎+ Significantly better absorbed than standard Turmeric alone.

Key Benefit by Ingredient

Meriva™ Bioavailable Curcumin Extract is…

Supported by over 35 different trials.

+ Shown to have enhanced Curcuminoids bioavailability (30x more bioavailable than standard Curcumin).

Additional Synergistic Ingredients:

Bioperine™ Black Pepper

+ Resveratrol (98% Trans-Resveratrol)

+ Boswellia Extract (90% Boswellic Acid)

+ Ginger Powder (5% Gingerols)

+ Rosemary Extract (10% Carnosic Acid)

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© 2022 Beauty Pie. All rights reserved.