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One Powder Wonder™

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4.5232One Powder Wonder™

If we may have your attention please:
Our One-Powder Wonder™ is NOT JUST ANOTHER translucent powder. It's a micro-fine, uber-light, pretty-much invisible, naked-finish, shine-evening, flaw-blurring, radiance boosting one-powder wonder. It instantly blends makeup, disguises fine lines, hides large pores, protects against dehydration, boosts luminosity and, being ultra fine, never ever cakes (no matter how many times you apply it).

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Shade Uberlucent Universal

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Love it
I can't belive how good this is .
It doesn't sit in wrinkles and isn't heavy at all . So pleased I found it thanks to beauty pie x
  • 55-64
The best powder I have ever used
It is so subtle yet sublime that it almost seems like magic!
I need a lifetime supply of this
As someone who invests heavily in make-up and skincare and has tried almost everything to deal with oily skin, I had to write a review on this. For the first time in years, I can actually go a whole day and just occasionally blot my face, but know when I look in the mirror at the end of the day (even after working on projects from 7am - 12pm) my makeup will look fresh and smooth! Paranoid mirror checking is no more.

It's incredibly fine - there's no way of making this look cakey even if you try. It just looks like the most beautiful soft blur on your skin, while still feeling soft and hydrated. My t-zone is especially pesky, and even with the amount of oil my skin can produce my nose still looks clear and pore-less by the time I take my makeup off.

I know everyone's skin is different, but do give this a go if you have similar issues - you may still need the occasional surreptitious blot with some tissue paper throughout the day, but your makeup won't be moving anywhere!
  • 18-24
Wonderful powder
This is such a lovely powder. It's light, has a luminescence about it and doesn't cake up. It's also a lot of product for your money. Well worth it.
  • 25-34
A compliment-magnet!
I am not a huge make up user (allergic to lots of it and lack the patience to spend time doing my face) so go for easy, simple products. This is a marvel - a quick brush of One Powder Wonder over what little make up I do use and I look proper 'done'. The first time I used it was for a carol service on Christmas Eve and there were heaps of people I know well there - lots of them told me how well I was looking. I will be a loyal fan for a long time.
  • 45-54
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