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Japanfusion™ Supreme Cream
(Step M3)

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4.644Japanfusion™ Supreme Cream
(Step 3)

Is it normal to fall in love with a face cream?
According to J-Beauty, the secret to luminous skin is moisture maxing. Because not only does a multi-layer hydrating approach ensure a surreally dewy and plump complexion, water-saturated skin reflects more light and always looks lifted. Imported from Japan, and STEP 3 of our Japanfusion™ 3-step Super-Skin moisture system - with a high-tech micro-molecular re-energizing Pombe Yeast extract, brightening Jabara extract and polyphenols & antioxidants from grape skin to protect, this supercharged Asian beauty cream is one deep moisture system that delivers.

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I love this range
Having been without this product for a few wells, I am delighted to have received a put of it today.
Since I started using the 4-steps, my skin has never looked better.
  • 40-45
2nd jar
I rarely buy the same thing twice but this is gorgeous it glides on and makes my dehydrated dry skin feel plump and drewy just as I like it, perfection in a jar
  • 30-35
A really good cream
Rich and nourishing but not greasy this is a great cream to use at nght. My skin drinks it up and is currently beautifully hydrated.
  • 40-45
Does what it sets out to do
I love this moisturiser though i ensure i put it on at least five minutes before going to bed to allow it to soak in before my head hits the pillow! It's super rich and creamy, smells lovely and leave my skin feeling wonderfully soft.
  • 35-40
The final part!
Have used Step 1 and 2 for a while now and was very happy with the results but adding the final part has made all the difference.
  • 35-40
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