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White Peach, Jasmine & Musk Luxury Scented Candle

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4.313White Peach, Jasmine & Musk Luxury Scented Candle

Each blend is intricate, addictive and unbelievably luxe.
Sophisticated, intricate and intense, with fleeting fruity layers giving way to sweet flowers and vanilla, woody notes and amber. A modern take on classic jasmine.

TOP: white peach, orange peel and blackcurrant
MID: jasmine, ylang-ylang, honey and vanilla bean
BASE: amber, cashmere wood, spices and musk

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Very strongly scented and not a smell I care for
Knew I was taking a risk buying all of the candles but I did so as I am usually very happy with anything beauty pie. This candle was the only one I didn't like. I thought it was a really overpowering sickly and powdery scent, I tried to give it away but its not the sort of thing anyone I know would choose either. My husband made me take it out of the room as even in the box it was like being in a lift with someone wearing far too much bad perfume. Can't fault the quality if the scent was to your tastes hence 3 stars.
  • 25-34
Hi Chelsea, thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback. We are sorry to read that our White Peach candle wasn't to your taste. We hope you've found a PIE candle (or, a few) that has become a firm favourite.
Beauty Pie Team
Heavenly divine
A must buy! The smell is so relaxing and beautiful. Already planned to buy more before it's gone
  • 25-34
Smells amazing
You get a luxury candle for the fracture of the price. This smelled amazing and lasted ages. It is a very rich scent which I like a lot. Will be buying it again.
  • 25-34
Feels luxe and smells great
The packaging although simple feels highend and this is a beautiful scent and seems to have a great burn time as I have lit this a few times and plenty left. Definitely excellent value for money. Would make a great gift.
  • 25-34
Not quite as great as anticipated
I can't fault the candle for this at all - hence the high rating - but the fragrance was far more sweet and unsophisticated that I expected. I suppose that's the danger of ordering scented products online. Still, the candle looks beautiful and the smell lingered a while, so if I'd liked the fragrance more I wouldn't have had any complaints.
  • 25-34
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