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09 Redcurrant & Fig Luxury Scented Candle

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4.31709 Redcurrant & Fig Luxury Scented Candle

Each blend is intricate, addictive and unbelievably luxe.
Energetic and zesty berries with bergamot and amber, over fig flowers, plums and musk.

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I almost didn't need to light this. I live in a studio apartment so wanted a beautiful scent without being overpowering. This did the trick perfectly. The fragrance gives my living space an expensive feel without being too floral or feminine. I'm a right candle snob and only like a very few candles that are generally out of my price range. This candle has been the answer to my conundrum!
  • 35-44
Magical Smell
This candle fills the house with a. Magical smell!
  • 55-64
I love candles
Candles make me happy. I believe they can change a room, If the house is untidy, a great candle aroma can become the headline not the mess. I am extremely sensitive to smells that are artificial/synthetic, as they can trigger headaches. Non headache causing candles are made of superior ingredients and are tremendously expensive. Part of the reason I joined Beauty Pie is for candles. I suspected that the brand developer would make only the best given her track record and she has. She's made an outstanding candle. I'm not sure I'm allowed to make comparisons in a review but if you are a candle connoisseur, think of the godmother of all candles ( French brand) and know Beauty Pie is in league. Love it.
  • 45-54
This smells absolutely beautiful in the container but when I lit it we could not smell it at all in the room ,compared to my previous "Clean House" scent. It is burning at least twice and possibly even three times as fast also. I keep wicks cut low before burn too.
  • 45-54
Not sure what all the fuss is about
I had high hopes for this but it was a bit of a letdown for me. The scent is beautiful but I don't feel like it was very strong when lit. I had it burning in my small bedroom for hours and it was far more subtle than I had expected. I am also a little disappointed by the burn time. I haven't finished it yet but based on current usage/burn rate I suspect I'll get about 30-35 hours out of it. Not bad, just not the 50 hours I was expecting
  • 25-34
Hi Megan, thank you for taking to time to review our candles. We use the same percentage across all of our candles, but some scents naturally have a more powerful aroma which will linger in a room without being lit. All of our candles undergo extensive testing to confirm burn time. If you believe the candle is not performing how it should, please get in touch with us at customer.service@beautypie.com so we can investigate.
Beauty Pie Team
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