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Red Apple, White Peony & Cashmere Wood Eau De Parfum

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100 ML / 3.4 fl. oz

4.25Red Apple, White Peony & Cashmere Wood Eau De Parfum

Imagine the air in a flower shop - bottled.
This fruity and floral Eau de Parfum layers Sicilian lemon, mara strawberry and crisp red apple on the intro, white peony, orange blossom and cedarwood in the heart, and soft cashmere wood and ambergris on the drydown. An unabashedly feminine and equally fabulous modern fragrance.

Eau de Parfum. Made in France.
Nose: Frank Voelkl

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I was so excited to see fragrance had been added to the beauty pie range, I ordered the red apple immediately. I was so excited to open the package, lovely heavy glass bottle with classy label. Unfortunately the content was really dissapointing. This is such a light fragrance I could barely smell it. More like a very light EDT or even a body spritz, certainly not an EDP. First time I have been dissapointed with a beauty pie product.

  • 55-64
Hi Jacqueline, thank you for sharing your feedback and sorry to hear you've been disappointed by this product. Using rich and fresh ingredients from the home of fragrance-Grasse, we would certainly not consider this a light fragrance. Might I recommend you try our Petals fragrance for a richer scent?
Beauty Pie Team
Heaven scent liquid cashmere!
Ordered the sample set of three to test out - genius idea Beauty Pie! A great way to try before using a chunk of allowance. Can’t recommend enough! It has a warm, soft delicate smell. Absolutely gorgeous and has lasted all day. Now need a bigger allowance!! x
  • 45-54
Fresh, tingly and fruity
After looking at high street perfume prices last week in duty free, got the email notification about the perfumes, read up a little about the perfumier who composed them and realised I was getting three 100ml for less than the price of one 50ml eau de parfum.
I took the plunge and ordered all three.
This one is fresh and the first hit makes your mouth water, if you close your eyes you can almost taste the red apple, it then settles to a floral middle a bit like you remember flowers smelling like when you were a kid ( the supermarket ones just don’t smell now) and it finishes with a warm sweetness.
  • 45-54
Fresh and Fruity
This fragrance is a perfect mix of fresh and fruity, it’s very light and feminine! Fab addition to my perfume collection!
  • 25-34
Welcome to my fragrance wardrobe!
How on earth can I say everything I want to say about the new pie fragrances in one review? I cant. So, I’m going to get the ball rolling by reviewing everything apart from the actual smell (all are divine)
In this review I want to explain the extraordinary the experience of just looking at and opening the packaging of this scent. The packaging design is unparalleled. To my untrained eye it seems that fragrances come in tiers - cheap and cheerful which can be slung in your bag and spritzed with wild abandon, Ones where the novelty bottle design appeals to younger buyers or aunties (me) looking for presents for a teenager, ones which rely on that repeat customer who was first gifted a fragrance 20 years ago and is now automatically given one every Christmas whether they want it or not, ones which evoke memories of loved ones, ones bought duty-free on the way back from a holiday to use up foreign currency, I could go on. Which category do these beauties fall into? The one where you just put your big girl pants on for and admit that YOU bought it because YOU deserve it and YOU love it.
Much as I love my pie deliveries I have never had that frisson and elicit gasp of pleasure when I drew back the tissue paper, until now. I am absolutely blown away by the exquisite restraint and elegance and sheer class of the bottle. It is a ‘proper’ heavy glass bottle (technically not a flacon but flacon suits it better) the likes of which Ive only ever seen produced by extremely luxe brands. This goes beyond what a department store offers. This is the sort of flacon you normally only find in flagship stores.
Then there is the stopper. Oh God the stopper!! Have you ever had a super luxe lipstick where the lid has a gentle slide to a magnetised ‘click’ that is just so satisfying? The stopper on the pie flacons does that!!
Finally, hats off to the design. This isn’t simple because its cheap design this is artful, elegant, so luxurious it doesn’t need bells and whistles design.
Pie, I knew you were good but this is your crowning achievement. I advise any of you prevaricating to order now before the perfume fans of the world discover it and it sells out.
  • 45-54