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Red Apple, White Peony & Cashmere Wood Eau De Parfum

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100 ML / 3.4 fl. oz

3.511Red Apple, White Peony & Cashmere Wood Eau De Parfum

Imagine the air in a flower shop - bottled.
This fruity and floral Eau de Parfum layers Sicilian lemon, mara strawberry and crisp red apple on the intro, white peony, orange blossom and cedarwood in the heart, and soft cashmere wood and ambergris on the drydown. An unabashedly feminine and equally fabulous modern fragrance.

Eau de Parfum. Made in France.
Nose: Frank Voelkl

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Just the thing
Fresh, sophisticated, feminine and somewhat sweet. I know I'm not a sugary sweet type of woman either. So when I say sweet I mean deliciously alluring but in a natural feminine (not girly) way. I simply love it!!
  • 35-44
Quite pleasant but without staying power!
This smells quite pleasant initially but the scent simply disappeared very quickly. If my sample was typical, I think Beautypie needs to look closely at its fragrance manufacture. I had the same problem last year regarding lack of staying power with its first run of candles. I normally buy from top niche brands, which also use ingredients from Grasse, so, just in case you are wondering, I am comparing with high quality products, not with unsubtle synthetic scents.
  • 45-54
Hi Dorothy, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are thrilled that you enjoyed the scent and sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the longevity. Might it be that your nose has adjusted to the scent?
Beauty Pie Team
Expected more
This perfume has a beautiful scent but is surprisingly light and not-lasting given that it is an eau de parfum. Still impressed but not as much as I hoped to be.
  • 18-24
Hi Omamerhi, thank you for taking the time to share your review on our Red Apple fragrance. We are disappointed to hear that you were disappointed with the longevity of this fragrance, this is not what we expect from our Eau de Parfums and certainly not what we have found in testing. Noses will adjust to fragrances and no longer be able to smell it on themselves, have you asked someone else if they can smell it?
Beauty Pie Team
Lighter than I hoped for an edp, but lasts for ages!
Beautiful floral scent, in a HUGE 100ml heavy bottle. Lovely perfume, but looking forward to trying Petals in the hope that's a bit heavier. This was was my first ever Beauty Pie order, so I'm looking forward to my next allowance being updated :)
  • 45-54
Sickly sweet, old fashioned, no cult appeal
I submitted my review and received notification that it had been published - there's nothing here. So I am trying again because there's only rave reviews on these perfumes and I completely disagree. I have been a member for over a year and have never written a review before, it just strikes me as odd the number of positive reviews which led me to buy the samples anyway.

I have been looking for a luxury niche fragrance and I ordered the sample set from BP expecting great things. Perhaps I am unfairly comparing the perfumes to very niche very luxury brands however I am surprised at their stellar reviews, because for me they are very far from having cult fragrance appeal.

Personal preferences aside, things to be aware of before you buy from at least my experience of the samples:
They are all very sweet. I am surprised at how sweet each perfume is because in my world at least all my friends and I are looking for much more unisex, less sweet fragrances. Secondly, they are all very “twangy” - quite sharp and acidic smelling - which again to me at least is completely contrary to what I would expect from contemporary fragrances which have achieved cult status.

The overall impression I get of the fragrances is that they are perhaps aimed at a more mature market - I know that I am on the younger end of the spectrum of beauty pie’s customers judging at least from the ages of the reviewers on the site. The perfumes are clearly complex. However they don’t smell “modern” to me, they are quite sickly and not at all sophisticated smelling. and not at all on a par with the current cult fragrances. BP does not allow you to name them in a review hence why I am not but most people know the fragrances/brands I am talking about.
  • 25-34
Hi Sarah, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Notifications are processed automatically so this should have been received on publication. Sorry to hear that you have a differing opinion on our fragrance range. We appreciate that fragrance is an incredibly personal preference and will be extending our range in the future to ensure that we accommodate every taste. Frank Voelkl is an incredibly renowned nose in the industry and we are thrilled with what he has created for us and excited to share more.
Beauty Pie Team
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